Private Practice Promo: "Two Steps Back"

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After an emotional episode last night (see our Private Practice review for a full rundown), a whole host of new issues await the doctors of Oceanside/Pacific next week.

Charlotte and Cooper look to forgive each another after couples therapy, while Violet seeks forgiveness and approval from her colleagues regarding her upcoming novel.

When they learn that Violet's work in progress will make details of their personal lives public, and in a candid manner, that task may be easier said than done.

Sheldon treats a patient who claims to have multiple personality disorder, and Sam and Naomi team up on a case involving a pregnant teen with Down's Syndrome.

Watch the promo here and tell us what you think ...

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I think that the book has more about other parts of her life than just her trauma with Katie because I remember how she told Charlotte she could read about her own rape in the book. However, I don't get why the other characters and their lives are being brought up in it.


Bet Violet put the "almost sex" between her and Cooper in the book. That is the only thing I can think of she wouldn't know about him that would upset her.
And I agree, I thought the book was about her trauma, not a memoir??


the synopsis leaves Addison out of the picture, ok i guess she is still sad over her mother's death. as to that book, i really thought violet was writting about herself and her traumas, why is this book now about everybody else's lives? And come on calling Amy a whore, i mean here is a practice where everybody sleeps with everybody and so far amy has slept with no one from the practice... anyway however accurate her depiction of her friends is, i think putting all this stuff out is not nice, those people are not perfect, but they are searching for publicity about their personal lives...


I think the promo is, as usual, misleading or taken out of context. Like last promo made it look like Sam was being hard on Addie, when he really was just pushing to show her he was strong enough for her to lean on, and the week before that it really, really looked like Charlotte was going to have them kill Lee. I'm looking forward to see the full episode, because it's never as bad as it seems


I agree with Caitlyn!.. Cant wait! :)


im intrigued about the reactions to Violet´s book. even though i cant understand why would she write about her colleagues so much in her book? I thought it was supposed to be about her dramatic experiences - so what do the details about everybody else´s life have to do with it???
i hope everybody is really pissed off cause they have every right to be! what did she expect?


I'm particularly excited about this episode because of the Charlotte and Cooper development! Really can't get enough of these two. Now that I know they're going to wed before the season is over, it makes me more excited to see the road they're going to have on their way to that aisle. :)

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