Private Practice Review: "Heaven Can Wait"

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After being away for the longest time (and almost making us forget all the bad stuff), Private Practice came back last night in the usual fashion with "Heaven Can Wait."

People we thought we knew turned out to be shadows of their former selves, handsome Latino doctors stroked our cheek, and our waspy mother formed the phrase, "Thank you."

Hell hath frozen over, for Bizzy Montgomery is in love. 

Addisam Pic

Her longtime (and secret) lover, Susan, is ill with ovarian cancer, and after a successful surgery, Addison and Dr. Rodriguez believe they have cured her. On the day of her wedding to Bizzy, Susan reveals to Addison that she believes the cancer is back, only to pass out on the dance floor later that night.

Sheldon has to deal with a colleague who's developed a heavy dependency on prescription drugs. This hits home for Sheldon mainly because he looked up to this doctor and his revolutionary dealings with "talk therapy." After his friend suffers  a very public psychotic breakdown, Sheldon makes the difficult decision to report him to the police.

Despite her uncomfortable therapy session with Sheldon's friend, Charlotte slowly learns to rebuild a life that was disrupted by her rapist. And Addison is learning not to be frightened and run away when things in her relationship get rough. We'll see how that pans out.

I find Addison to be selfish and impulsive when it comes to relationships.

She married Derek, then carried on with his best friend. Then she moved to Los Angeles and tried a few men on there. Then she developed feelings for Sam, who is her best friend's ex-husband, but then started dating Pete. THEN she decided that she really wanted to be with Sam and had to break the news to Naomi.

There's something so self-centered about Addison that makes me want to just... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I also dislike when Addison inhales deeply after a run-on sentence. It's the WASP in her. I know she can't fight it, but why does she have to do it so often?

When I first saw Sheldon's psychiatrist friend write Charlotte a scrip for five months worth of anti-depressants, I thought it was a dream. I kept thinking to myself, "This is far too unethical for the FCC to condone.  There has to be a catch." Oh, but there was.

The debate over whether or not we humans are machines was quickly put to bed at a lovely restaurant with white tablecloths. Dr. Feel-Good takes a handful of pills, Dr. Concerned confiscates the pills and confronts Dr. Feel Good, and Dr. Feel Good goes off the deep end, taking the table cloth and silverware with him.

It ended badly, but proved to us that prescription drugs are not Skittles.

I don't know how Naomi manages to look Addison in the eye every day, let alone speak to her. The moment Addison told her that she was seeing Sam, their friendship changed. Addison is dating Naomi's ex-husband, and there are a million things wrong with that.

Addison still thinks she can come to Naomi and talk about her relationship problems, but that's simply not the case anymore. Get a clue, Monty. 

Things I Thought About To Distract Me From The Dangerously Good Looks Of Dr. Rodriguez  

  • Please tell me Bizzy and Susan's first dance was NOT to Metro Station's "Shake It." Who was the music supervisor for this scene? Did he or she get a copy of the script beforehand?
  • Raise your hand if you think Addison is going to hook up with Dr. Rodriguez.
  • Loving Bizzy's Bulgari necklace. I'd fight Addison to pry it out of Bizzy's "cold, dead hands."
  • Charlotte got her groove back against the ice machine. At Bizzy's wedding. Thumbs up.

What did you think of last night's Private Practice? Discuss!


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Anyone know how I can find out the designer of Amelia's dress at Bizzy's wedding!?


I totally agree with Teresa here. Never get Naomi's superiority complex and self centeredness. I hope Addison will have positive character building hereon. But I want to see chemistry between Sam and fresh Amelia, I thought she is witty and confident enough, yet fun to provide some lightness to Sam's character. As for Addison, I want her to have the comfort, confidence and strength alluded by Dr Rodriguez rubbed on her. Plus she deserves a Prince Charming with a slight bad boy image, but with not many past complicated relationship issues - i.e. no recycling for Addison. Also I relish to see some fresh and funny scenes in Latin America when she visits Eric's families. I'm all for AddiRod/Addiguez/AddiRic whatever, but that couple should be the future of PP. AmieSam should be explored. Teresa February 4th, 2011 2:28 PM I have to say that I agree Addison gas made some bad choices, but Lord, so has everyone else on that show. The only truly stable, sensible, emotional adult on the show is Sam. I could have slapped Nai into oblivion the way she treated the Mia pregnancy. Nai always wants her way and in my opinion is more selfish than Addison will ever be. Addison just has emotional issues she really needs to deal with...and I feel they should write that in before she let's Sam slip away. Sam is too awesome to hurt...and remember...Addie kept hurting Sam to protect Nai, but Nai wont see past herself to realize athiof this.


Also, I don't think Addison is going to sleep with Dr. Rodriguez (I find him creepy...). I think the point of him existing on Private Practice is to show Addie's growth, to bring her issues with men/fear out into the open, etc.


The thing with Addie and Naomi is that they are/were best friends. I really think that if it's true friendship, few things break that completely apart. My best friend and I have talked about this...I would have to do horrible, horrible, horrible life-in-prison things for her to stop loving me, and even then, she still might. The same is true for me loving her. I get the feeling that's how Addie & Naomi were in med school and that hasn't changed. They can be furious at each other but they'll always care about and love each other. That's what Nai can look at Addie after all this. Plus, Addie didn't mean to hurt Naomi and, as Addie said to Bizzy & Susan, you can't help who you fall in love with.


Does anyone know the designer of the dress Addison wore to Bizzy's wedding?


@Jackie: Addison was mad at Naomi for sleeping with her brother because Naomi knew what Archer was like - he could not commit. Addison was mad that Naomi was consciously getting herself into eventual heart-brokenness. She was on the lookout for Naomi. Naomi, on the other hand, completely ignored her. When Archer showed commitment, did Addison say anything further to impede their relationship? She turned into a cheerleader for them. Addison tried to stop her brother from leaving abruptly and hurting Naomi. And she was the one who first burst into tears after revealing to Naomi that Archer had left her.


Pfft. There may be a million things wrong with Addisam but so too with Naomi dating Sam's friend Duncan. The reviewer seems to have conveniently forgotten about that.
I may not be an Addisam fan but I find Naomi a downright hypocrite when she judged Addison like that.


I agree with the reviewer on this one. I was a fan of Addison when she was on Grey's and that is why I have continued to watch Private Practice. However, I cannot stand the "Addisam"! It makes me not want to watch. I cannot understand how Naomi sleeping with Archer, who is Addison's BROTHER, not EX, an even be used as a justification. Why was Addison even mad about that?! It's not like Nai slept with Derek or Mark. Come on! And for the record, Naomi cheated on William, but they were not in a physical relationship. Addison may be who the show revolves around but that doesnt mean that everything she does is right or justified. She bed hops constantly and blames it all on her parents. Grow up, your 40, not 14. She expects everything to go her way (i.e. sleep with her best friend's ex-husband and still expect the friendship to be on the same level). I know this is not reality, but if it were, a lot of you Addisam lovers would not like the situation if you were in Nai's position.


I Hated this episode. everyone was being unreasonable, but I loved when bizzy was like "im a lesbian, get over it"


to all of the "addie is selfish"; i'm really trying to wait out what SR's is going to do. i don't think that is her goal or her mission with this character, to make her out to be super self-centered. just like meredith wasn't forever going to be dark and twisty. for a long time people could have hated on meredith for being dark and twisty, the messed up one, the depressed one, the one who tried to kill herself. BUT in the long run, those negative things we have learned are some of her strongest points of character. she doesn't run. she doesn't get scared when bad things happened. she's a mother hen, because she's always had to be. i trust SR, and i know that she dearly cares about addison. which leads me to believe that she wouldn't love a liar, cheater, self-centered person.
and just a btw, affairs are a TWO WAY STREET!!!! i think we forget that derek emotionally left their marriage long before she slept with sloan.

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