Private Practice Spoilers: Another Wedding Ahead!

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This is probably not a major stunner, and you can most likely guess who it involves, but the confirmation of it still took us by surprise, and happily so, this morning.

There will be a wedding on Private Practice by the end of the season, and one of the show's central couples will walk down the aisle to make it official.

Follow the jump to see who it is and how we know ...

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Awww! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel for Private Practice survivor Charlotte, as she and Cooper will finally tie the knot by the end of the current season.

On The View this morning, KaDee Strickland herself (as a special co-host) announced that Dr. King will turn the corner and head into the summer on a high note.

“The best part of the story,” she said of the show's rape plot line, “is the happy ending we’re going to have because Charlotte and Cooper are finally going to wed.”

The engaged pair will walk down the aisle “towards the end of the season.”

Send your best wishes to the soon-to-be newlyweds in the comments!

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@marin I'm glad to know someone feels the same about the Violet and Pete pairing! I just don't see a lot of depth to them compared to Charlotte and Cooper. You don't really see Violet and Pete develop as a couple cause when they have storylines together they make them come out to be this perfect married couple with a family, etc. This is contrary to Charlotte and Cooper's story wherein you really see the ins and outs of their relationship and that's why you fall in love with them as a couple. Violet and Pete's relationship for me is just not relate-able or realistic unlike that of Charlotte and Cooper's since I think they really took the time to develop the latter. @Blairendipity I agree with you. For me, I never considered Violet and Cooper to be anything more than friends. I don't even think he ever really truly loved her because he seemed to see her more as a "last". I felt like he was in a point in his life when he didn't think he'd meet anyone anymore and that's why he was interested in Violet. Obviously it's a lot better that they didn't end up together because their dynamics of being best friends complements the show.


i am so happy for them! they have been together for awhile and through so much together! i had forgotten until the last episode that Charlotte´s dad died and Cooper was there for her!
i still think that Violet and Pete are totally unbelievable couple! they were just having sex together (and Violet was at the same time sleeping with Sheldon as well), there was no feelings... and then suddenly when she was pregnant we were supposed to believe that they were in love??? still cant buy it and cannot figure out why was it important to marry them?
i think it would have been much more interesting (and believable) if they were not a couple and just parents, trying to raise a child together! much more like real life and endless possibilities of storylines... now they are just very boring and unrealistic "couple" in my opinion. i fast forward their scenes as often as i can!


They are great together. Neither of them is perfect in any sense of the word, but they work. Both of them are so much better when they're with the other. I'm happy this is going down. @Ann: None of the actual couples were hinted at in the Pilot or the GA introduction episode. Violet and Cooper couldn't find a way to each other in all the years they've been friends, it'd be weird if they suddenly had. I think it's better this way.


atéééééé que enfim, eu simplesmente adoro os dois juntos! e o cooper nao foi feito para a Violet ))): to muito feliz mesmo!


Soooo happy about this because this is the wedding I've really been waiting for :) Charlotte and Cooper are the best!


Yes! It's about time.
I've been looking forward to this. :)
Thank you for the spoiler TV Fanatic. :D


Awwww was exactly my reaction to the pic. They deserve each other!


I'm more interested in tonight's episode. Do you have the sneaks?


I hate this couple. Cooper was made for Violet. He's an arrogant ass. He said Charlotte was his 'sex toy'. And how is this a spoiler ? They are engaged and Shonda said LAST SEASON they would stick?

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