Royal Pains Review: "Listen to the Music"

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Because this was the second season finale of Royal Pains, I expected fireworks. Instead, we were left with many unanswered questions

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed "Listen to the Music," but I just didn't feel that it was climatic enough for a concluding episode.

John Legend on Royal Pains

The impending marriage was laid to rest by the end of the hour because Divya finally realized that marrying Raj was not part of her destiny. Really, all it took was a plague to make her see that Raj wasn't "the one?"

Because we've all been waiting to see how in the heck our girl Divya would get out of marrying this guy, I just expected it to go down at the wedding scene in London. Divya would be dressed in her wedding gown and would give Raj a speech about how they are not made for each other... What can I say? I wanted the drama.

Even Eddie deciding to go to prison instead of escaping via Boris was so anti-climatic.

The two cars pulled up and Eddie finally made the best choice for his sons: to stay and face the music. What I didn't understand was why Boris would give up this opportunity to get rid of Eddie once and for all? Boris said it was in Hank and Evan's best interests to be rid of their dad, but did he really mean inhis best interest?

We got no new news or answers whatsoever about what is going to happen with Marissa and her unborn baby. We don't even know if Boris would consider this child a blessing. All we got was a glimpse at the two of them arguing. What a jip!

Paige and Evan are still as cute as ever. I loved the fact that the season ended with these two lovebirds headed to Europe for a dream vacation. Watching Evan pack and prepare for any circumstance was hilarious.

Even more hilarious? How much Evan believed that he plays a vital role in the company. Yeah, he is the CFO, but I think HankMed will survive without him for a while.

Jill took the job of a lifetime to be able to provide medical services in South America. I was surprised to see Hank not at all devastated. The scene of the two of them on the beach was awkward and felt forced into the storyline.

Now that Jill will be gone, what does that mean? Have the flames of love been extinguished? Do you think Hank will fly out to see her?

I do love this show, but felt that the finale would have been better if the writers actually followed through on storylines. We needed some closure. Instead, the episode left me feeling more than a bit disappointed. How about you?


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Avatar they didn't do all the cliche cliff hanger schtick. Maybe that's what I like so much about this series.


And on top of all that, I really liked Boris in the beginning. But now his character is nothing more than an excessively rich, self-obsorbed putz! I could see him being quite 'evil' in the future.
Agree with everyone on the ending this season! Boo! Hiss!


i love this show!


Here are my hopes: that Eddie somehow does bail on jail, and they have to deal with that fallout (Evan was wrong then right, Hank was right then wrong about him -- he is no good); that Raj finally figures out he feels some passion for Divya and spends next season trying to woo her back; that Marissa disappears and Boris has to come crawling to Hank for information on her whereabouts, which he of course keeps secret under doctor-patient confidentiality; that Jill gets homesick and comes slinking back and Hank has no time for her because he is so in demand as Hankmed and clinic administrator. I enjoy this show, but felt we were left hanging by having been given no cliffhangers. And yeah, I thought Hank was driving on the wrong side of the road, too!


i think havoing john legend on a show and showing him only few seconds is a waste of the huest star ... seriously he could be like a friend of the man who planned everything and at least have a sentence or 2 ... come u poeple it was john legend ...
totaly desapointed by final... it was kinda of useless ... the ending of the one before was much better ... but i like the show ... so i'm sure be back to watch it during the summer ...
my guess is that jill will come back with a boyfriend...


To me, the winter finale felt like it almost could have been a series finale. Characters all going their separate ways. There wasn't really any compelling story hook for any of the characters that leaves me dying for next season. I felt like the writers dropped a bomb with Boris kicking the boys out at the end of last episode, and then just glossed over it in this one. Hank was following the law where Marissa's privacy is concerned, and Boris -- of all people -- should understand privacy. Just because Boris is rich enough to thumb his nose at the law doesn't mean others get to do the same. Anyway, I will be back next season, at leasst for a while, to see what develops.


I felt disappointed, too. It felt like the stories weren't finished yet. Jill leaving so sudden, now what? Eddie almost fleeing the country but in a sec giving up on that idea? It didn't fit his character at all. Divya cancelling on her marriage to Raj didn't feel played out well. The plague? Come on! This whole season finale indeed felt like anti-climatic and not finished at all. I was disappointed, the writers didn't put their weight on it. At least with the whole moving out of Boris' place and the Boris/Marissa relationship. We should've seen more.


What was the entire quote about listening to the music? I think divya said it towards the end! Something like "listen to the music, you never know when it'll change....."


You're right, Liz. Why the heck was Hank driving on the wrong side of the road, and why was the road sign on the left? How did they mess that one up?


Was I seeing things, or was Hank driving on the wrong side of the road at the end of the episode?

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