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Skins took an interesting turn this week.

While nowhere near phenomenal, I actually was interested in the character of Chris. I actually felt sorry for him, as this is a teenager missing someone to care about him.

Sure, Chris has his friends, but he never really reveals anything about himself personally. He simply remains the wild party animal jokester. Besides, most of of his pals have their own issues with which to deal.

Chris from Skins

Chris has a mother, but she’s left him all alone, with only a thousand dollars in his pocket. Of course he’s going to find outlets in things like alcohol and drugs when he doesn’t have someone to watch over him and help him grow up.

He also has a father, who seems well off, but refuses to want to help Chris or even see him. I thought parents were supposed to want to help their children. Guess not every family is the perfect family.

Watching Chris sit uncomfortably in his father’s home, only to sprint away from the house because he recognized that nobody wanted to care for him, had me wishing I could do something to help.

The only person who truly cared about Chris was his older brother, Peter. In a believably emotional conversation with Daisy, Chris revealed the greatest moment in his life: when Chris embarrassed himself by peeing his pants at camp, it was Peter who cleaned him up and gave him his own pants to use. It was the one time in his life when he had someone there to help him. The moment took another turn when Chris revealed that Peter was dead.

All the people that should care for Chris have abandoned him, and the one person who did love him is gone.

Sure, the episode had the controversial erection moments and naked Chris, but there was nothing pornographic about it. That wasn’t the real point of the hour.

What’s worse than Chris having no money, no home, and no parents, was that he believed it was all his fault. If anything, this episode showed the importance of parents or a family that cares. Parental guidance, not parental overkill, is a good thing. It helps teenagers grow up and learn in the best way possible. Without parents who are there, kids are left to make decisions all for themselves or find outlets in the wrong locations.

I know that not every kid falls under the categories portrayed on Skins. However, some of these problems do exist with teenagers and families. They're out there, but they are not always the topic most people want to talk about.

I hope the next episode follows in the same design of showing the vulnerabilities and struggles of a character. That’s what can truly make a television show interesting and entertaining to watch.


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Ok, you people dont have british accents. But you still speak English. I dont have an american accent yet i dont need to have a remake of desperate housewives made for me. This remake is pointless to me as is the remake of shameless. These stories are relevant to British culture and cannot be translated directly over the atlantic and remain faithful to the spirit of the shows. And a scene by scene remake just is a waste of money. MTV would have been better off buying the original!


Do any of you people actually pay attention to the fact that Bryan Elsley has said- time and time again- that the rest of the episodes will be original writing? Google is your friend. You guys must be living under rocks or something.


@Jessica I don't mind that they take old storylines from the UK show cause it is a remake, but why not make it there own story with the mom and dad neglecting and leaving chris a different way instead of doing it the same scene for scene!? I mean if your going to do that then you might as well just show the old UK skins episodes instead of hiring all these people to make the same thing again!


Um yea... this episode was a carbon copy of the "Chris" episode in series one of UK skins, minus all the funny stuff that the UK episode had, just like they did on the pilot episode. I'm sorry but this skins is really boring! Like I keep watching hoping it will get better cause the UK skins was so good but... It so far hasn't gotten any better at all! I end up giving up in the last few minutes ad go on the computer or something. Hopefully Caddie's episode will be good because I loved the character Cassie in the UK skins.


Its not called a remake for nothing. They are taking a show that was a hit and helped alot of people in the uk and bringing it to the us to see if itll help here. If its the storylines that made it so good over there then why would they change it. Then you would say that they ruined what skins was. Its not our fault that we dont have british accents. Its how we were raised.


I'm sorry but why is the american skins using the same storylines as the british one?
its almost like watching the british skins with american accents....and bad acting.
I mean seriously? the writers can't make up something NEW?

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