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Stanley needs some new friends.

His best friend, Tony, (if you can even call him that), is the ultimate manipulator. While he manages to skate out of every situation, he uses his “friends” for his own means. Even his own girlfriend is simply a pawn in his everyday life. The only person Tony seems to care about is Tea, but it’s more because he can’t have her, not because he truly wants to be with her.

Stanley on Skins

On the latest episode of Skins, it was hard to watch Stanley jump at Tony’s every order. Did he do it because he wanted to fit in and be accepted, or because he thought that Tony would respect him as a loyal friend?

Either way, Stanley finally got the newsflash that Tony is a selfish person. Walking past Tony after his court hearing was a bravo moment for Stanley. Way to stand up for yourself, buddy.

Hopefully, Stanley can do the same to Michelle because she’s not really a friend to him, either. Her focus is all about Tony, even with his blatant disregard for her feelings. The fact that she knows that Stanley likes her and uses it for her own comfort, while throwing it in his face, shows an extreme lack of maturity. She needs to grow up, find a new boyfriend and stop stringing Stanley along.

I’m guessing none of those things will happen.

As for the adults in this show, it’s hard to see any that are capable of focusing on their children and helping them out. Maybe that’s the point. There are parents out there who are oblivious to their children’s actions or even lack the ability to attend to the needs of the kid.

As much as I recognize the need for a teenager to learn and grow from his or her own experiences, it would be nice to see an adult who isn’t completely stupid. Even the teacher who thinks he’s “cool” comes across as a joke.

Stanley’s mother might have come close to what could be considered a caring parent. She loves her son and wants him to succeed, but it’s hard to see why she would leave without saying anything. Sure, her husband made a stupid move by sending Stanley to court, but refusing to talk about it? Sometimes I think the parents on this show have a lot more to learn than the teenagers.

The simple scene of watching Stanley clean his room was enough for me to see that he wants to be different. Stanley doesn’t want to sit back and let things happen around him. Whether or not he reverts back to his slacker self in the following episodes will determine if the change was real or not.

This was a far better episode than last week. I even managed to like Cadie’s character, as she illustrated a person to whom Stanley could connect. She, too, is trying to find her place without manipulating everyone around her. Maybe those two will find a stronger bond with each other now.

There’s a lot more room for Stanley to grow, but like Chris, it was great to see him begin to develop as a person. He’s certainly more than a Michael Cera look alike.

Like I’ve said before, this show needs a lot of work, but there is definitely potential. The characters need to convince viewers that there is a reason to care. Maybe the series is missing a spark from its actors or maybe it needs to stray away from its UK counterpart. Something needs to change for this drama to survive. If the episodes continue to hits and and then miss, Skins will never find an audience.


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the original skins had something original to it. this us series feels more like the failing attempts at being good like the third series of the british one. and the partents are really starting to annoy me. the thing that made the uk skins amazing was the steller supporting cast of partents and teachers that are established actors and that gave to young cast something to act off and only improve as the series progressed. but there is nothing about this cast that stands out for me. plus Tea is only a lesbian because her 'counterpart' from the uk skins was a male homosexual and in the us that would be too much for your standards officers so if you make him a teenage lesbian the writers can pass it off as a girl that is just experimenting and isnt really a lesbian. as you can see from the fact that shes gonna end up with tony in some way.


I had really really high hopes for this show, being a huge fan of the original and not one of those 'I'll never watch US Skins 'cause that'd be betraying UK Skins'. It's just not delivering. Britne Oldford (the actress portraying Cadie) and maybe Rachel Thevenard (Michelle) are the only 2 people that I feel could actually act. Some of the dialogue is copied from the original, some of it is re-written which kinda screws it up for me. There's no way that the actors from US Skins could compare to the UK actors, especially James (Tony) even though I'll admit he's beter looking than Nic Hoult. The only 3 characters I like are Cadie, Michelle and Tea. Cadie and Tea because they're original (Cadie isn't really like Cassie) and Michelle because the actress who played the original Michelle was meh for me. Anyway, this episode was better, but was it Skins standard? NO.


I think the parents are portrayed as stupid for a reason: as teenagers, we see adult figures as idiots who don't understand our point of view. As a teenager, I thought my parents and all the decisions they made were stupid. However, when I became a parent myself, I saw that they were doing the best they could in the situation. Because the show is set in the teenager's point of view, parents are portrayed in the way teenagers see them.


I agree the only reason Tony wants Tea is because he didn't bone her straight, if he did he wouldn't even be after her! (STALKING MORE LIKE It!) This skins was very delightful, i especially enjoyed Stanley's time with Cadie, too adorable! To me Stanley and Cadie seem the most mature out of the episodes so far. Fyi if Tea should of not banged Tony, it was completely akward and weird! I dont feel sorry for Tony, he is just mad because he now knows his MAGIC Stick aint so hot anymore! TONY GET OVER IT! Also about Michelle, she is the one who is PATHETIC! GO STAN!


I actually caught me laughing a couple of times. Especially during the scene with the car on fire. Skins definitly starts growing on me. And I kind of like Tonys dry sense of hummor.


no, it's scripted

Sara gossipgirl thevampirediaries

is it a reality show??!!

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