Stuff is About to Blow Up on 90210!

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Think Adrianna is unlikeable now, 90210 fans? She's about to get A LOT worse.

On upcoming episodes, this wannabe A-lister will discover exactly what was going on near the end of her relationship with Navid - i.e. her boyfriend getting it on with her BFF - and will seek revenge by forcing Silver to revisit her bipolar past.

Photo of Adrianna

After the gang returns from Spring Break, look for Adrianna to mess with Silver's medication. Teases Jessica Stroup to TV Line:

“The bipolar disorder is something she’s been medicating herself to fight against. Unfortunately, someone tampers with [the medicine], and stuff’s about to blow up!”


sheesh i understand that shes mad but messing with someones meds is not the way to go. totally messed up. fighting her...hmm okay but messing with her meds is just BEYOND wrong.


@Sweet girl I actually disagree with your comment regarding Teddy because I think that he's finally on the right path now. He himself even feels relieved that he's finally out. The relationship with Silver and him now are obviously one based on friendship because Silver wants to be there to support him. I love the Teddy storyline and I actually think it's one of the best that the show has done. @chastidy I agree that Silver deserves some sort of punishment for her indiscretions but don't you think messing with medication is a little too much?


I love that Ade is messing with Silver's pills, she deserves it. Silver needs a beating ASAP.


What happened to the roundtable? Btw


wow this sounds interesting i'm so looking forward to this storyline!!! and seriously bring back bad boy liam with naomi he's such a softy now


@Sweet girl
What do u mean by back on track? Teddy is finally true to himself and yea he loves silver but he's not IN love with silver. Besides most people I know love the Teddy gay storyline


But overall, sumone shud SAVE THIS SHOW FROM GETTING CHEESIER!!! please it used to have this incredible drama, not just by the relationship drama or gay-lesbians thing! You have this much characters to only focus on such things? srsly! The show needs to be more realistic. The storylines completely jumping off all over the place without bringing the actual background! Like, ur not supposed to fall for sumone else that easily when u've been IN LOVE with a person before. Or become gay just because you get drunk and tired of things! I'd say they're really stupid! Although, i still believe this show still goes on as long as you have loyal viewers. But please........ IMPROVE YOUR STORYLINE! :))


First of all, nice to see how the drama seems to improve a little. Naomi crushing on a nerd? nice! but i srsly wud love to see teddy back on track and together again w/ silver, they're lyk perfect! and annie-liam shud f-in STOP! srsly, the show has turned liam into sum lame dude over a bad boy figure. Id love to see him back with naomi!!


and also am sure that ade does not realise that she is just showing navid how crazy she is and that she is pushing silver and navid even closer... when silver finds out... danger!!!! a girl thats off her meds and is bipolar goodluck ade and navid get a safety helmet coz am sure you will need in to save you lady love (silver)


ok ade i get it that she is mad and lawd knows that she has every right to be mad.. but why is she only mad at silver and secondly she should take the blame for this herself too. silver is sick and to play with someone's medication that is a crime and she can get chrged.. pshhh.. i hear thats not the only thing that she will do to her. if i was silver i would be sorry but i would put your ass in jail for the two crimes

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.