Supernatural Episode Promo: "The French Mistake"

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Supernatural is about to go all meta. Meaning what, exactly?

On "The French Mistake," Balthazar sends Sam and Dean to an alternate universe for protection from an angelic hitman. In this other reality, the brothers are stars of a TV show... titled Supernatural... and their names are “Jensen Ackles” and “Jared Padalecki.”

Castiel then appears... as an actor named Misha Collins. Confusing? A bit. Intriguing? Definitely. Watch this promo and learn more:

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they just dont know what to do anymore for me that ended with season 5


dude the episode isnt even over yet and i say it SUCKS


I have been waiting for weeks to see this episode. Based on Supernatural history I am sure they will pull this off well. (Am I the only person who thinks of Charmed everytime I see the name Balthazar?)


This looks great and funny as hell.


Brilliant idea, it looks amazing.


Cant freakin' wait!! They're soo sexy!

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