Supernatural Review: "The French Mistake"

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After seeing the previews for this episode and hearing about how “meta” it was going to be, I wasn’t sure how I would receive “The French Mistake.”

I enjoyed similar episodes like “Changing Channels” and “The Monster at the End of the Book” for their ability to poke fun. It’s always nice to see mentions of the fandom, as well as recognition that the show doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Sure, Supernatural is a show about brothers that fight demons, ghosts, monsters, and every other type of evil being. Yet, it also thrives on its cleverly written humor, references, and the fan base that tunes in week after week.

In an Alternate Reality

So, yes, Dean, we do care about watching a television show about your lives. It’s fascinatingly entertaining.

Of course, some people may have found this episode terrible because of its diversion from the current season’s plot lines. Frankly, I didn’t mind.

As much as I enjoy the mythology and general core of the show, I do appreciate the chance to take some time off and allow Supernatural to mock itself and tip its hat to the dedicated fans. There were so many little nuances and inside jokes, that I’m pretty sure I’d need to watch it a couple times to pick up on all of them.

The scene that made me laugh the hardest was when Sam and Dean attempted to act. Dean tried to find his mark and put on an extremely serious face, while Sam awkwardly spoke his lines and tried not to stare into the camera. It was perfect comedy. Even the way everyone around the brothers couldn’t believe what was going on, added to the hilarity.

Then there was the ever enjoyable Misha Collins who got a chance to stretch his acting range by playing Misha Collins as an ugly sweater wearing, Twitter maniac who simply wanted to be Jared and Jensen’s pal. It was great to see him “acting” his deep growl of an Angel voice, as well as squeal in frightened panic.

Plus, Misha tweeted live! “Hola mishamigos. J2 got me good. Really starting to feel like one of the guys.” Talk about blurring the reality lines.

The jokes about Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki, who play Dean and Sam, occurred throughout most of the episode. YouTube videos of Jensen’s soap star days, giant photos of Jared on horseback, the idea that in real life they are vain, overly rich, and pretentious, were only a few of the many self referential jokes.

Jared’s real life wife, who played the character of Ruby, showed up to play Jared’s wife in the episode. Confusing? Not as confused as Sam and Dean were in trying to put the pieces together. It was a nice touch.

Even the members behind the camera jumped in the line of joke fire. Making fun of Bob Singer for naming a character after himself, Eric Kripke getting gunned down (along with what seemed like everyone), and the general production of the show took the behind the scenes reality of the show to a whole new level.

Overall, this was a fantastic episode that utilized its humor efficiently for a fun fan look at Supernatural. I’m all prepared to return to the monster storylines, but breaking the fourth wall for one episode was worth it.

What were some of your favorite moments or what made you think Supernatural should have avoided this meta episode? Sound off below.


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I thought Changing Channels was great until this episode. It was great. Misha was hilarious. I like how Dean comment how these 'pretty boys' blue steel it up. Breaking the fourth wall was great and only this show can get away with it. And yes, Dean, we do care about you!


Loved the Show! Hilarious... Nice review


Loved, loved, loved this episode! I am a big Supernatural fan and just love it. Keep up the good work!!! Looking forward to many more seasons to come!!!


I loved this episode, it was awesome. This episode had me laughing a lot. It was funny to see Sam and Dean trying to act, when Dean was trying to put on a serious face and Sam trying to say his lines without looking at the camera, so funny. Misha Collins was funny in this episode. Overall I loved this episode. Another Supernatural episode that did not disappoint. Can't wait for the next Supernatural episode.


Hilarious! That cowboy pic of Sammy was totally hot!!I wish Cas would smile like that all the time tweet on dude! Join the conversation on Supernatural Underground on facebook!


I must admit, I'm a sucker for Supaernatural. I did start watching this episode, and to my horror, I found that I had to shut the television on. The episode was looking promising, but I couldn't stomach it. I'll gladly continuebto watch the show, though I will feel a smudge lost without the viewing of this episode, though I do indeed think I might not like the show anymore if I continue watching the episode. - Kat


Great episode. I worked for years in the Vancouver film business and I love it when it gets recognized. Lou Bollo, the stunt co-ordinagtor on the show gets some fantastic screen time in this ep. That was a fun fun episode, and yet kept with the seriousness of the show. I would have liked to see more Grips, the unsung heroes of the film business, though. Great nod to the Terminator in the gun store (which does NOT exist in Canada) and fantastic to see "Castiel" have some fun with his role. Also hilarious, Super Ninja DOP who can dodge bullets like he's from the Matrix.

Amy jackey

great episode


I mut admit: I don't watch Supernatural (I did watch the first season and the beggining of the 2nd btu it never "clicked", despite how much I wanted to...) but when I saw the promo here, I made an exception because of the different type of the episode and I really liked it! When they tried to "act" was the best part for me!


I thought this was a good episode as well. I laughed many times as did my husband although he won't admit that it was a great episode. I like the part where Dean is stabbing Sam with the fake knife and keeps saying, "it's fake, everything is fake", while the crew members watch on. It was also funny when they tried to reverse the spell and came flying through the window only to see the crew again. It was also funny when Dean say's, "don't look at the camera" and Sam starts looking all around as he says his line. There are too many funny parts to mention.
I didn't notice Gabriel but I did notice the guy who played the warden on the episode where the guys got thrown in jail on purpose to help their dad's old buddy.

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