The Good Wife Review: Cary On!

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Barack Obama, you've been served by The Good Wife!

Not really, of course. But I loved seeing Wendy Scott-Carr do more than merely cite a line the then-candidate used in a campaign speech. She actually took issue with its message, which was represented in the title of this week's episode, "Silly Season." It's not so silly when you're family is under attack, is it?

The reference to Obama - and Bill Ayers, catch that? - was yet another example of what helps this show hit the realistic mark on a weekly basis. The characters talk like people in their positions actually talk, something that sounds basic, yet something at which most shows fail miserably. Never underestimate the power of believable dialogue.

In Judge's Chambers

We had many examples of it throughout this episode.

The most enjoyable scenes didn't involve action sequences and didn't need any score to emphasize their importance. There was simply Wendy sitting across from Alicia, talking (threatening, really) mother-to-mother. There was Cary confronting Blake, a great exchange between two arrogant individuals who had never met before. It oozed with tension.

Cary, of course, was the MVP of the hour.

With apologies to Damon Salvatore, he may now be my favorite character on TV. Played brilliantly by Matt Czuchry - with just the right combination of swagger, self-confident and the occasional vulnerability - he's epitomizes what The Good Wife does so well: portray layered characters who excel at their jobs and reside permanently in the grey.

He's got awesome friends, too! How entertaining of an impact did Tim Guinee make as Andrew Wiley?!? The show didn't need to go to as many lengths as it did to show him juggling life as a stay-at-home father and a PI, but he'll make a welcome addition as an investigator who couldn't be more different than Blake and Kalinda.

Once again, the feud between these two was my only problem with the episode. There's already enough going on with The Good Wife, all of which - from marital problems to campaign finance issues to corporate mergers/schemes - comes across as realistic. But Kalinda and Blake veer into soap opera territory when storylines such as the former's past identity come up.

I don't really care. I had no problem with Kalinda simply being mysterious and closed off, although at least the final scene between the pair was saved when Blake, hilariously and cryptically, started to whistle "Oh Canada."

Other highlights from another solid installment: Eli smacking down Becca; Alicia subtly agreeing to let Peter back in the bedroom; the amused (and then reasonable) reaction of Geneva to the "N word" discussion, a topic handled so intelligently and deftly; the mere presence of Titus Welliver, dyed hair and all.

What did everyone else think?


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I been watching since day one. almost all of the charachters have been multi-layered and grow or go with each episode...I think Kalinda is the most oganic character on the show. Emmy's aren't a fluke. there are differents directors each week that ea. week and they respect how the actors are molding their charactor's. Blake can be dangerous now that Child's has his people looking for dirt on her. the writers can take that in alot of directions, and she may have to depend on the ugliness of the alegince of the politic's of the firm...let's see if someone else has some "brass one's" to pick up a bat against Blake...(he's got to go)...I go thru detox if I miss an episode. Good on ya CBS, finally!!! can't afford Showtime for the good stuff


I love Cary and Kalinda! Their relationship is so charming. This was one of my favorite episodes. I think Childs should've just invited Kalinda to work with them! Much less of a hassle.


I disagree the show needs a lot more of all around or it will end up on the cutting block, it has been slipping week after week in the ratings. If it doesn't wake up soon we all will be watching the Parenthood on NBC OR South... on TNT. There are to manny lawyer shows out there, we need to be more open on what we watch.


I have to agree with tfan. I'm a huge TGW fan but this week was boring. I had zero interest in what was going on at the A.D.A's office. There was entirely too much time spent there and on Cary, who while on some level is enjoyable because he's so slimy and a royal pain in the arse, but not enough for me to want to see more than ten minutes of him. I was uninterested in what went on with him there. There wasn't enough Alicia, Will, Diane or focus on a case. I'm sick of Blake and Kalinda. She's better left as a mystery that's part of her appeal.The pissing match between them is stupid and detracts from the rest of the show. Loved Eli in this.


It was really nice to see Alicia show she is her own person and not somebodies else trying to tell her, her role with Peter was just what I was waiting for it shows there still is a big spark in the background. His sincerity and concerns for the family have hit a homerun, the bedroom door left open at the end sent a clear siginal.


It was one of the best episodes yet. So glad Alicia is giving another chance to Peter - the Alicia/Peter romance side of this is much more interesting than Alicia/Will. Will is a wimp. Hope Chris Noth stays an important part of the story line. I knew he would get rid of the pac after hearing of their tactics. Kalinda will win in the end.


Contrary to previous commenters, this episode wasn't one of my favorties. I'm not pleased with Cary - willing to give up information on Kalinda (I thought they were friends and so does Kalinda). There was too much of the States Attorney's office in this episode. TGW is a superb show when Will (especially) or Diane with Alicia are defending their clients. I think too much time is being spent on the Kalinda/Blake storyline - get it over - we know Kalinda will win! Even though Alicia left the door open for Peter, I don't think she has forgiven him yet or ever. Her loyalty to the kids is strong. Even thought it wasn't my favorite episode TGW is by far much better then any other TV show currently airing!!


This was a delectable episode. Although put off by Wendy, Geneva and Cary, I was able to sit back with a smile as I enjoyed this sweetie of a treat. Not so sure I want the bedroom reunion yet, if ever for Alicia and Peter. I would like to see more of Kalinda and Cary, with Kalinda trying to find some semblance of heart and honor in Cary's little snarky body. I like her mysterious and think she should stay that way. It makes her all the more alluring and effective in her investigative ways. Eli and Becca, so worth it! This show makes Tuesday a good night for me!


I love how Alicia deals with people intruding in her private life because of Peter's campaign. She is such a strong character. She never loses her temper, such an elegant lady. It was nice to see Peter turning down the money from the pack. I also liked how Eli dealt with Becca. And of course Cary. To little Will, though.



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