The Good Wife Review: "Silver Bullet"

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From the topic of illegal aliens, to accusations that the Tea Party is racist, to jokes about Sarah Palin in 2012 and a question I never expected to hear on primetime television (Why do you hate Jesus?), "Silver Bullet" was another strong, mature, intelligent episode of The Good Wife.

It's possible I've written that before.

But it continues to be true week after week. As usual, we were thrust right into a story on this episode; no time wasted, no scene set, simply a shot of Diane at work, drilling her underlings (a bit too hard for Will's taste) and focused on the task at hand...

As Natalie Flores

... until a tall, gun-loving drink of water named Kurt McVeigh strolled back into her life.

Played perfectly by Gary Cole, McVeigh serves as the ideal love interest for Diane. We know very little about this partner outside of work, making her school girl-like crush on this Tea Partier a joy to watch. I smiled at her initial reaction when seeing Kurt in the office, and then laughed out loud when she realized he had not yet signed the retainer, meaning she could "depose" her would-be client one more time - if you know what I mean!

Just a great showcase all around for Christine Baranski, who got to bare her claws in court when she wasn't baring it all in Kurt's gun room.

Overall, the episode dedicated time to characters typically on the periphery. Eli's debate over Natalie (another great casting choice, America Ferrera) was simply fascinating to watch. This is the first time any kind of vulnerability has shown through for a man who had no problem taunting a teenager (Becca) over her sexual history.

But Eli is also a man who thinks six steps ahead and is paid to consider various road blocks to the campaign. How did he react when met with someone he never saw coming, a stock-trading, graduate degree-earning, beautiful illegal alien? Not well. Antithetical to his professional cause, in fact.

Great work here by Alan Cumming. He plays flustered as well as he plays cocksure.

And, finally, we get to Grace. I can't say I care much about the Florrick children. There's typically so much going on in the office that too much time spent at home feels like a waste. But it was both hilarious and realistic to watch Alicia down her wine as Grace rambled on about Jesus. How many shows would actually go here? How many shows could handle religion in such a delicate manner, paying respect to the concept while also having its main character scoff at it?

As I've said for weeks now, I wish we'd be done with the mystery of Kalinda's past; and, for once, I wasn't a fan of the quirky judge (falling asleep on the bench? Really?!?). But those are small complaints for an episode that brought back an interesting recurring character, gave two key players a couple major dilemmas and also concluded with a major tease for next week:

The meeting of the equity partners? It is so on.


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Loved this episode. I'm a big Diane fan.....Glad to see the show focus on Diane and WOW would not every gal love a guy like Kurt (Gary Cole) around. Sign this guy up as a regular.


I am a member of the Tea Party and resent being tagged as a irresponsible person. I normally enjoyed watching the Good Wife and noticed lately how left politic message is being pushed.


I am a member of the Tea Party, and I resent the show's implication that I am a racist. I joined the Tea Party because I feel our government has grown too large, too invasive, and deficit spending is totally out of control. I admit I do not like President Obama. But my dislike stems from his politics, and not the color of his skin. From the takeover of GM, to the way the health care reform was crammed down our throats, I am very dismayed at the direction President Obama and the Democrats are taking this nation. I am tired of the Hollywood liberals painting me as a subversive.
The Good Wife has lost my wife, my sister, and myself as viewers.


The Good Wife is just a fantastic show that allows excellent writing, great acting, interweaving plot lines to draw one in and feel after it's over that they have watched a very intelligent hour of television. The show covers subjects that are relevant to our day and times and one can only hope that the execs. at the basic channels can luck up and find more shows like this before this viewer goes to all cable channel watching. Shows like Dexter, The Walking Dead, Mad Men. I am not saying what is commonly referred to as "guilty pleasures" aren't enjoyable, mindless entertainment. They are a great way to put the world's (and our own) considerable troubles of the day aside and laugh and forget. But I am a proud consumer of television and motion pictures. I am not ashamed to say that I enjoy them, watch them and look forward to some, as I do "The Good Wife." Hurray for TV!
And yes, I have considerable interests that I take part in outside of tv; it certainly is not my life. But it is a PART of my life and I am not ashamed to state just that.


Loved the episode. Can someone explain to me what Kalinda found on the original video that showed that the bank robber was actually guilty. K


Last nights episode was another one that had me on the edge of my chair. The return of Kurt McVeigh gave us a look at the "other" side of Diane. It is nice to see the softer side of her. I can't wait to see what next week's episode has in store for us!


Really loved this week's episode especially seeing the interplay between Eli and his daughter it some how made me love his character more. Loved the wine scene between Grace and Alicia and adored Diane great ep.


The Good Wife is a treasure of a show I look forward to weekly.


@Betty: I hope it was something along "you haven't seen the last of me", because I seriously hope he's coming back in future episodes.


Of course no racist posters Teaparty such as the one described in this episode have been proven to exist, but don't let something like "facts" get in the way of a good storyline.

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