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"Panic Roommate" featured the continuation of the feud between Eric, Damien and Ben as well as separate Chuck and Blair antics, as our official review discussed.

For further examination, we turn to one of favorite pieces of Gossip Girl media coverage, N.Y. Magazine's patented reality index. Behold, the weekly +/- scale:

  • Raina is frantically dry-humping Chuck like he’s … well, Chuck. Plus 3.
  • Serena says whether she likes Ben is not Dan’s business. Except Dan’s in love with her and she forced him to live with Ben, Plus 4 for Serena logic.
  • Finally! Everyone remembers Ben is a psycho whose sister drugged Serena half to death. Plus only 2, because wait, why is she not in jail yet?
  • Nate: "I wasn't that selfish, was I?" Plus 1, because of course he knows he can get away with being medium selfish, after all, look at his face.
  • Of course Serena, when Eric is in his second time of need, leaves Dan and Nate to go take care of him so she can be alone with Ben. Plus 4.
Serena at a Party
  • Ben: “I never meant for Juliet to do what she did.” Whatever Ben is, he sort of seems to be honest. So when he somehow brushes over the fact that he forced Juliet to go through with all his plans, against her will, such that she had to cut off relations with her sugar-daddy cousin, it has to get a Minus 10.
  • How did Russell Thorpe get in the kitchen at the Palace Hotel? They don't just let people do that. And how did he know that's where they were? Minus 4.
  • How does Ben have such a well-tailored suit? Minus 5.
  • When Damian turns up on Fifth Avenue to meet Eric, he is winded, as though he is actually running from the law. Minus 1. And Damien’s freaking out about his dad cutting him off? He’s a drug dealer. He has a job! Minus 4.

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Gossip Girl is dyyyyyying.


What happened to Gossip Girl? Literally. All she does is talk at the beginning and end of the show.


raina and chuck NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
please the way chuck looks at blair (or even blair's text) and how he knows exactly what blair said/will say shows they are DESTINED to be together DONT FIGHT IT
if raina's not getting bass industries back for chuck, WHY IS SHE STILL IN THE PICTURE AT ALL???
and Nate could really use a storyline.
and Dan seriously needs to move on. btw, what happened to Dair?


"Raina is frantically dry-humping Chuck like he’s … well, Chuck. Plus 3." BWAH HA HA!!! Those are the exact words to describe what she's doing!!! I said it was like she was attacking Chuck but this is waaaaaayyy better, I couldn't stop laughing and I totally agree.

Aint born typical

"What about Blair being promompted after practically a week of being a intern? -800" ...And without an interview. Lets make it - 8000.

Kimberly anne

No, No, No, No, No.
For some reason I had very high hopes for this episode, because I saw on the promo that Blair and Chuck will team up, but I was so wrong!
I like the fact that it at least developed further into the storylines, rather than being very faint and not really going in any directions.
So Serena and Ben…first off I think I am wrong about him for that he really is who he is and that he does not have any other motives because he did not say he did not punch Damien for fear that it would push Serena and Eric further apart. Serena really seems into this guy and I am happy for her, because at least she is grounded for now. But ouch, what she said to Dan was harsh. I am never a fan of Dan but even I thought her saying something about them not dating so he has no say in her life was mean.
Omg, I feel so bad for Nate. Is this really all he is good for now? Being pimp out? Being more of a whore than ever? Somebody give this guy an actual storyline, please.
I did enjoy him with Blair though. It’s been awhile for them.
So I am very happy for Blair. She is getting what she wants…I think. And seriously, do these people not have school??
Chuck and Raina??? No, No, No, No, No, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I didn’t want him to develop actual feelings for her. They need to stop making out. Chuck needs to get back Bass Industry and forget about her. I swear, if he says “eight words, three syllables� to her, I will hate him forever. Blair is the only one he has said it too, and it should stay that way. Speaking of Blair, I like how they had more screen time together in this episode. I swear you can tell they are in love simply by the way they look at each other.
I’m not happy with the episode because it did not end the way I wanted it too, but at this point I shouldn’t be surprise anymore. BTW: I saw the promo, and I am literally freaking out. Why does Chuck seem to cherish Raina or Eva more than when he was with Blair? Come, he decorated a hotel suite or something for her and from what I saw, it looks beautiful. This makes me sick to my stomach. Chuck is being sweet when he is not supposed to. And Dan, keep your hands off Blair!!!! I guess there’s no denying that they will get together.


Lololol the Russel thing, I was like "WTF, how did YOU get in?!", he basically popped out of no where.
What about Blair being promompted after practically a week of being a intern? -800, jeez.


Russel Thorpe walking to the kitchen was just unrealistic - and hilarious, cause really, how did he get in and just in time? MINUS 100

Aint born typical

You know, I can use a laugh. I think I should rewatch the episode with a bottle of wine and laugh it. The fact that there were so many plot holes in the story somehow made this episode entertaining.


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