The Mentalist Review: "Red Queen"

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Nobody is better off alone. That is the message The Mentalist viewers were left with after an episode that had the walls closing in around Madeleine Hightower.

Overall, “Red Queen” left me spinning theories as events unfolded. Did Hightower murder Todd Johnson? Was she working with Red John? Was she secretly working with Jane? Was it all a set up? This story kept me guessing right up until the end - and then it left me with more questions. 


I’ve never been fond of time jumps in stories, but this one certainly caught my attention. The problem? I couldn’t wait to get back to that moment that kicked off the show. The way the Montero murder linked back to Todd Johnson was intriguing, yet I felt as though I wanted to hit the fast forward button to get back to Jane and Hightower in the attic.

When Jane held the gun on Hightower, it took me a moment to realize why he was so intense. Then it hit me. If she was guilty, she’s a direct link to Red John. The possibility made Jane positively manic. The look in his eyes made me think no one will be able to stop him from killing Red John when/if he finds him.

I thought the duct tape wrapped around Jane’s neck and the gun was a nice touch. Quite chilling. He had no chance of escape. 

Happily, La Roche made another appearance this week. This guy’s so entertaining I didn’t want him to leave. Did you notice the way his eyes actually shook when he was staring down Hightower? How does he do that? It’s positively freaky. And who would have pictured La Roche with a fluffy little dog and Hummel figurines? How funny was that?

Because I’ve grown to like Hightower, I’m relieved she’s not a cold-blooded killer, although I assume we aren’t going to see much of her for a while now that she’s on the run. I’m thankful Jane has an ally in his hunt for Red John, but I do wish it were Lisbon. Either way, Jane is definitely a step closer than he was before. With Hightower in his corner, he’s not alone.


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I know it is just TV but when I see that LaRaoche is in an episode I don't watch. He is just a fat arrogant AH. typecast I am sure.


i tink red john is laroche...He recognized the william blake that bertram recited..N "Tiger tiger" is a verse from a william blake poem too.


Thanks for the cool review, I enjoyed reading it. Just to answer your question about La Roche's eyes, the actor that plays La Roche (Pruitt Taylor Vince) actually has an eye disorder called Nystagmus. It is an involuntary rhythmic shaking or wobbling of the eye. I have seen him in other movies and TV shows and his eyes are always the same. It is quite mesmerizing to watch his eyes as he talks. I think he is a wonderful actor and would love to see more of him on "The Mentalist". As for Red John, I had the same feeling as some of your other readers when the Boss quoted William Blake. Just a feeling. Thanks for listening! (reading).


Is it just me that thinks that van Pelts' new fiancee has something to do with it?


I actualyh have a theory about the boss of the CBI cuz he said that he liked such a poem , and LaRoche said that it was William Blake`s poem.... just like the other poeme Tiger Tiger ....


I thought the nobody alone part was building for the fact that Red John has someone in his ranks, an apprentice maybe. The show needs to start dishing out more answers at this point, and if I were a writer I wouldn't want to solve the mystery so the perfect middle ground is someone working within CBI, working for Red John. Did anyone know how exactly Jane knew that LaRouche liked scotch? Was there something before that I am forgetting, or was it just a guess on his part? It felt oddly like a test.


I dont think Bertram is RJ, he doesnt look smart enough to be him, though I am convinced that he is working for RJ... He lead LaRoche to Hightower, told him about the affair and he can easier alter the security system to make HT close enough to be at the Todd Johnson murder case... Bertram and RJ might belong to the same William Blake fan club or something... or they might be childhood friends...


There's a lot we don't know about this red Queen (HT) but then that's up to the writers. However, Bertram's quote was from William Blake's poem entiled "Cradle Song" and was part of his Songs of Innocence. It was for sure a red herring to keep us guessing, all I can surmise is one of the writers has a thing about Blake, which is not surprising, Blake was troubled and educated and spiritual and using his poems is really quite brilliant.


After watching the episode again, two questions popped into my mind:
1. Did we ever see HT smoke before?
2. Where's the green lighter?


@ele: Indeed! I was totally in shock when he said that verse from the poem!THAT was the best part of the episode for me! Can't be a coincidence...

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