The Mentalist Review: "Red Queen"

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Nobody is better off alone. That is the message The Mentalist viewers were left with after an episode that had the walls closing in around Madeleine Hightower.

Overall, “Red Queen” left me spinning theories as events unfolded. Did Hightower murder Todd Johnson? Was she working with Red John? Was she secretly working with Jane? Was it all a set up? This story kept me guessing right up until the end - and then it left me with more questions. 


I’ve never been fond of time jumps in stories, but this one certainly caught my attention. The problem? I couldn’t wait to get back to that moment that kicked off the show. The way the Montero murder linked back to Todd Johnson was intriguing, yet I felt as though I wanted to hit the fast forward button to get back to Jane and Hightower in the attic.

When Jane held the gun on Hightower, it took me a moment to realize why he was so intense. Then it hit me. If she was guilty, she’s a direct link to Red John. The possibility made Jane positively manic. The look in his eyes made me think no one will be able to stop him from killing Red John when/if he finds him.

I thought the duct tape wrapped around Jane’s neck and the gun was a nice touch. Quite chilling. He had no chance of escape. 

Happily, La Roche made another appearance this week. This guy’s so entertaining I didn’t want him to leave. Did you notice the way his eyes actually shook when he was staring down Hightower? How does he do that? It’s positively freaky. And who would have pictured La Roche with a fluffy little dog and Hummel figurines? How funny was that?

Because I’ve grown to like Hightower, I’m relieved she’s not a cold-blooded killer, although I assume we aren’t going to see much of her for a while now that she’s on the run. I’m thankful Jane has an ally in his hunt for Red John, but I do wish it were Lisbon. Either way, Jane is definitely a step closer than he was before. With Hightower in his corner, he’s not alone.


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erm guys, did you all miss the part where the chief guy (i forget his name) recite a line from william blake's poem? "tiger tiger burning bright.." is also william blake.


I bet the killer is Van Pelt's fiance, that FBI guy.


Did anyone else hear warning bells when VanPelt's fiance said "They're your co-workers, *I'm* your friend."? I see him becoming a controlling possibly abusive BF (if he's not the killer.)


Of course she was not keeping him hostage. Every episode has Jane coming up with some scheme to outwit evryone else. Also, from previous episodes, we know that R.J. is slight in build and has a soft voice. LaRoche keeps a little dog, loves Hummel figurines and is harmless albeit imposing. Now that he is sure that Hightower is the culprit, he is off the chase and R.J. can continue to baffle everyone. I hope more clues come up before the lsst (2 hour) episode of the season.


@Katie The museum artifact was planted. There was no reason for a killer to keep it, in spite of what it might be worth, because it would point to them. That, and then the fingerprints, point to a frame up. Unless, of course, Hightower (and Red John) wanted to give the impression to Jane she was being framed (but I don't think so). Jane, at least, thought he and Hightower were acting when she led him out. === On who the 5 were ... If Van Pelt's FBI boyfriend was there, I'll bet it's him (although wouldn't that be the 3rd murderer she's gone out with?)


I still am not sure what the deal was with Hightower. Was she really kepping Jane Hostage, or was that something they acted out? And did we ever know why Hightower had the item from the museum? But this is what I'm getting out of this, Red John killed the gaurd and now Hightower is feeling the same towards Red John as Jane does. Is that what happened. I NEED SOME ANSWRS PLEASE! I was totally clueless after this episode.


Jane was too far away to be one of the 5 no? Has anyone put together the existing info and the dot map?


i cant stand hightower, i was so happy to think she was the murderer and she'd be off the show, well atleast she is off for a while...
i too think vanpelt's fiancee is the guilty one.


I thought maybe La Roche is Red John. Here's why. He is good at playing a creepy character and would be perfect as Red John. Also, using his name as a possible clue. His name is J. J. La Roche. One of those J's could be Jon, or John. Also, the name La Roche is French in origin, meaning from the Rock. Usually it is associated with your origin or "Rock" of origin. So in this case, the original La Roche family was from Burgundy France. Their "Rock" of origin was Burgundy, which specifically means "Red Wine". They were the Burgundy's - The Red's. Just a toss in the dark.


since there were 5 dots who could be the killer, we can eliminate Jane and Hightower that leaves 3 including the officer who escorted Jane to Todd's cell. I would like to know how Myth Buster concludes that it is #187. I'll have to rethink. Also did anyone catch that when jane was found, the rifle was still attached to his nech. How can this be. She was obviously already in Laroche's car, and I can see the tape on his neck but what is impossible is the rifle in the back of the headrest of the Cadillac, even Jane could not have done that.

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