The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 46

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Welcome back to the 46th edition of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest!

Your TVD Caption Contest winner this week is Chloe. Congratulations!

The winning entry appears below. Thanks to everybody for playing and making us your top Vampire Diaries source on the web. Best of luck again next week!

46h Tcpation Contest

Carol Lockwood: Ty, honey, are you coming for bowling night?
Stefan: You still go on bowling nights with your mom?
Tyler: Shut up.

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Stefan: If you tell anybody I'm a prostitute I swear I rip your head off!
Carol: I heard that!


Mrs Lockwood(thinking): Seriously, how much crime can happen in this small town? First all these murders and now my son is being kept against his will by his schoolmate? Better not to get involved..


Tyler: Wait Teddy I don't want my mom to find out Im gay.


Mrs. Lockwood- Tyler pick up your jacket off the couch, that is not where it goes.
Tyler- Ok mom, I'm on it. Have a good time out.
Stefen- come on Tyler just smell mt breath, does it stink? I have a date with elena.


Carol: i wish i could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and the werewolves and vampires would eat and and be happy.
Stefan: Haha, cool mum Tyler. What's her hair made of?


Can I stay here for a while Tyler. My brother is crying...again.


Carol: Tyler? I'm going out. Could you keep an eye on dinner? Oh, and start a load of wash; your dirty socks are smelling up the whole house.
Tyler: Little busy right now, mom.
Carol: Don't you give me that, Tyler Lockwood! You live under my roof and you'll do as I say!
Tyler: (whispers to Stefan) Just kill me now, please.


Carol: Everything alright in there?
Stefan: We're fine. I was just showing Tyler a new defensive play he's been struggling with during practice.
Carol: Alright, then. Stefan, please tell Damon I said hello.
Stefan: I'll be sure to do that.


Carol: Is everything alright boys?
Tyler: Everything's fine, mom. Stefan is just upset cause I took his Barbie and ripped her head off.
Carol: Well, I'm sure you'll work it out. *thinking* Stefan plays with Barbies?


Mrs. Lockwood: I am leaving...I hope the werewolves don't chase me down.
Tyler: I can't breathe with the stench of vampire around me.
Stefan: It's alright, my man, you won't even see daylight coming later.

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