The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 48

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Easy, Lexi. It's gonna be okay. Stefan is here to save you.

No, not your life necessarily. But from those awful hair extensions. So "Tari," the winner of this week's Vampire Diaries Caption Contest. She cracked us up with the entry posted below. Check it out now and remember:

Come back and play every week!


Stefan: Calm down! I'm gonna save you from those horrible extensions!

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Lexi:"Stefan, you're wanted dead or alive by the founding families!"
Stefan:"Lexi...Lexi...I'm undead."


Stefen: Slow down Lexi there is enough of blood to go around.


Stefan: I need your opinion? Lexie: what is It? Stefan: Am I rocking this blood splatter look or what? Lexie: Damon rocks it better!


Stephan: frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. You know, how my emotions and feelings are intensified.
Lexie: Ok then.


Lexie: ok is this ANOTHER wax on wax off comment or you touching my breasts one?

Rhianna speranzo

Lexi: Stefan what are you doing with your hands?
Stefan: Nothing. I just want to see how many comments involving me touching your breasts will turn up.

Rhianna speranzo

Stefan: Elena never lets me get this close to HER breasts.
Lexi: And i'm not letting you either.


Lexi: Stefan, i've seen those eyes before, biting me won't kill me... Stefan: Just a taste, please ???


Stefan: Please, just let me touch your tits...
Lexy: Really!?... then let me touch your penis.


wax on, wax off. dats how i get the blood stains off the old grandfather clock

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