The Vampire Diaries Review: Elena Has to Die...

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Talk about an episode of The Vampire Diaries with a lot of heart.

Or hearts, I should say. Torn out of the chests of werewolves. Many, many hearts were torn out of the chests of werewolves.

But, aside from violent deaths, "Crying Wolf" crammed a great deal into one hour,  from a life-altering decision by Tyler to numerous planted seeds that will grow as the season progresses. Into what? That's the question. So let's try to answer it by unpacking the busiest installment in recent memory.

At the Gilbert Lake House

Werewolf Domination vs. Werewolf Armageddon. Stevie laid out the issue of the moonstone rather well for Tyler. I know I'm supposed to hate these wolves, but I find myself understanding their point of view. Let's face it: most vampires are NOT like Stefan, or Damon when he's in a sensitive mood. These wolves have been feuding with their rival species for centuries, so it's hard to blame them for wanting to get the upper hand here.

That said, I pumped my fist and chest-bumped my wife each time Elijah sent a wolf to the Great Big Jungle in the Sky. I don't want them to win, I just appreciate a well-layered villain.

"Elena has to die." Luka made the stakes as clear as can be in his hypnotized state, and this is a major reason why I love
The Vampire Diaries. It doesn't just toss out questions that don't get answered for weeks, if at all. It continues to shock us with twists and turns and reveals that up the ante every Thursday night.

The challenging question now: what do the core characters do about Elijah? They clearly need him in their battle against the werewolves, as he proved once again by coming to Damon's rescue. How jarring was it, by the way, to see this Salvatore brother dominated so physically? (No, not in that way, ladies!)

Jonnie. Oh, it's on. Are you on board?

Another supernatural sibling. Let the guessing games begin. Who should play Luka's sister? Perhaps Keke Palmer?

The foreboding future. Consider all the groundwork this week that was laid out for the rest of season two: Jenna now has suspicions about Alaric. Can she remain in the dark about all the happenings in Mystic Falls forever?

Elena's parents were hunters, and I somehow doubt their game was venison or wild boar. What might those journals reveal? How might those weapons come into play? What about her mom and dad will Elena discover next? (Nice reminder of them via the cabin, by the way. It's easy to forget the pain and suffering Elena went through prior to meeting Stefan.)

And, most pressing of all: the turn. Stefan and Elena touched on their future for the first time this week, referring to it as a "box" that Elena wasn't ready to open. Stefan later found out why, of course. Does she really have a future? Assuming the answer is yes, and Klaus doesn't get to make his sacrifice, Stefan and Elena are headed toward the question that plagues all vampires and their human partners: To turn or not to turn?

All this, and we haven't even touched on the road trip Tyler is taking with Jules. When will we see him next? How else might she mold her friend's nephew into a vampire hater? We'll get to this topic in this week's Round Table, but let's turn this review over to the readers: WHAT DID YOU THINK?


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This ep. Was so good. And once again elijha saved the day. I jus luv him. So now that most of the wolves that we kno of are dead. Next up is jules, she really needs to go on somewhere. I'm thinking luca is BS'ing somethings not right but I could be wrong. Elena ugh I can't with u this week ok.. Bonnie and jermey pretty hott I hate to say but so true... Can't wait till next week.


I loved this episode, exciting all the way. Wish there had been a bit more romance between Stefan and Elena, enjoyed the future talk though, but I can understand him being a bit upset with her, as she must know that no one would agrees with her sacrifice. Loved how Elijah put Damon down a bit. He is right, Damon can be quite arrogant at times, and never thinks before he opens his mouth. Hope to see Tyler back soon. I wish they would let Matt know all about what's going on, it would make him more interesting. Elijah can really pull out hearts, he's awesome. Even got Stefan doing it too, great episode.


tyler come back!!! great episode.. love the bonnie/jeremy hook up bout time. elena needs to suck it up and stop acting like "Bella" and fight back.cant waqit till next week need tyler back though screw matt. Caroline needs tyler.

Amy jackey

I'm glad that the lycans got killed by Elijah and glad stefan killed bradey. too bad jules didn't get killed. last thursday i was wanting tyler to get killed and last night. but then after he said sorry to elena I'm glad he didnt get killed off. When he was leaving town i had tears in my eyes. It was kinda hot that damon had that thing around his neck except for the little spikes.


i knw i hvnt bn up todate wt d vampire diaries,cnt watch it weekly over frm wat i hv read and learnt frm tv fanatics surely means d episodes r gettn hotter,well i hpe d ratings dnt drop badly and we wl b left incomplete,lik kyle xy...i lov d bonnie and jer connectn,.and am sure it wl b hotter,as 4 ty and caroline well,..dy were perfect,nt hapi dat he left,i dnt trust jules..elijah hs alot of skeletons in hs cupbrd..stef and elena...dr s always klaus?? S smethn i cnt unfold yet. I cnt wait to get to watch veri soon..thanx fanatics.u hv bn up to it


If they are going to follow the book in any way... Elena has to die... I want her to come back as an angel!!!


i think that tyler is very mixed up right now. not knowing who to believe. and elena what"s up with her. and all those weapons in her parent"s cabin. omg. wait and see.


loved this ep so much! so sad though that Tyler's gone! I liked him wiht Car a lot better than Matt.


@Chrissy : I soooo agree with u !!! I don't know why, but I'm just sick of watching them, every time ! this is quite disturbing lol ! I'm more interested in the other couples, CAro/Tyler, Bonnie/Jer than those 2.


Cool episode ! So many hearts loooool !!! And of course, THE KISS !!!!!! I was sooooooo happy !!! At last Bonnie and Jer did it! we learned a lot, Luka's info and all, Elena's family legacy, etc. Also sad because Tyler left... hope we'll see him again. Bye Jules, won't be regretting you ! Elijah, as majestic as ever ! Loved Damon and his "collar" ! Damon/Alaric form such a weird team lol, but I think that they're actually friends, which is funny ! John, still don't like him grrrrrr !!
Can't wait for the next episode !!!

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The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Damon: You need to stop doing that.
Elena: Doing what?
Damon: Assuming that I'll play the good guy because it's you who's asking.

Damon: You need to stop doing that. Elena: Doing what?
Damon: Assuming that I'll play the good guy because it's you who's asking.