The Vampire Diaries Review: This Means War...

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I want the boy more than I want vengeance.
Let's get both.

It. Is. So. On.

For weeks during the hiatus that concluded last week, fans had heard about the impending vampire vs. werewolf war. On "Daddy Issues," it escalated. Big time. And poor Caroline suffered at the hand of the shot 'heard round the world. Or the shots heard 'round the world, really, wooden bullet style. Ouch.

Jules and Tyler

You know it's an exciting, action-packed episode when it starts and ends with Damon wet and naked... and those scenes are merely an afterthought.

While Damon did utter some classic lines this week (Vervain is an "acquired taste," he isn't that tall, etc.), there's not much to pick apart about him at this point. We get it: he loves Elena, he can't have Elena, he constantly struggles between good and evil. I love the character, but there's little new to say about that cycle right now.

Fortunately, this installment was a great platform for Caroline, Stefan and Tyler, while it did an tremendous job introducing Brady. It's easy to understand everyone's viewpoint in this burgeoning bloodbath, which is a sign of great writing.

Caroline is still new at this vampire thing and was trying to protect her friends, but when it backfired, she cut ties with Tyler. In response, he went back to the only real family he has right now - and can you blame him? His dad is dead, his uncle is dead and Jules is talking about a code of honor and loyalty. He could use a lot of that right now.

Stefan, meanwhile, is always trying to play peacemaker, but had no choice but to fight back when confronted in the woods. Can't imagine that brawl (one of the best filmed, most tense sequences in show history) will go a long way toward helping him earn Tyler's trust.

Then there's Brady. He's a villain, sure. But he's just living the life he knows. He's likely grown up around those who instilled in him a mortal hatred for vampires. I'm certainly not rooting for him in this feud (the guy doesn't even have a superhero haircut), but I appreciate that he comes across as a multi-dimensional character.

Overall, a tight, solid, focused hour of television that continued to raise the stakes. I'll leave you with a few questions:

  • Do you trust John?
  • How touching was that group hug between Elena, Bonnie and Caroline?
  • And the "I love you" mouthing. Sorry, Delena lovers.
  • Here's your first look at next week.


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I'm not sure I trust John. I want to trust him because I feel sorry for him, everyone hates him. But on the other hand, it's partially his fault that they hate him. He manipulates people. But he does it for what he thinks is the greater good so I really can't blame him. I'm so confused. Before I loved to hate him, now I love him because I feel sorry for him and because I dislike him.


I enjoyed this episode quite much. Not just because of the whole Caroline & Taylor bounding, but because the episode has "the war begins" written all over it.
And I am so confused because of John .. the whole "I want to protect my family" story seems pretty trustworthy but during the katherine tomb scene he lost all of his like-points again. I guess:
- that in the end Caroline kills Brady, but not without making him suffer.
- that Tyler might kill Jules after he finally realizes that she just used him. and in the end: Caroline and Tyler finally reunited. ;)


I absolutely loved this episode, so much better than last weeks. I like it when we get to see most of the regulars. Loved how sweet Stefan was to Caroline, and brought Elena and Bonnie to cheer her up. He's a good friend to her just like he was to Lexi. How can anyone say Stefan and Elena don't have chemistry,they are beautiful together, their way they look at each other says it all. Damons whining in the bathtub didn't do anything for me, he needs to move on. Loved the fight scene, Stefan and Damon were amazing, great the way Jonas came in when both of them were in trouble. Obviously Elijah is keeping his word. Next week looks wonderful, can't wait.


Forgot to say very happy to see John back love his character you never really know what he is up to. I think that bracelet he gave Elena may be more than just a memento from her mother or maybe I am just paranoid.


I don't think it's just Delana fans sensing chemistry between Stefan and Caroline last night, because I'm not a Delana fan and I felt the chemistry too. It surprised me. I think maybe it was unintentional, though, because I can't see the writers pairing up Stefan and Caroline. I sensed it before: when Stefan was helping Caroline adjust to her vampire cravings.


I thought I left a comment regarding last episode of VD, I guess
I didn't. I ousee most the comments are against Jules, well, she
actually be gone soon I think, if you go by the amount of episodes she is involved in, I look it up. But still while she
is there she brings some more excitment to the series. As Damon and Elena it's a no brainer, do people think that Elena
loves Damon, (he claims to love her, it's the old I feel for you
baby, but I just can't reach you), she does seem to love Stefan
and he her. So she should forget about Damon unless he has a human form guy around, like she is of Katherine. Ian playing 2 roles, if Nina could do I guess Ian could. For now I sit back
and see what happens with the reporter and Damon, will she become his partner in crime? Will there be other women to come,
he's beginning to remind me of Charlie Sheen in life, lol.


i personally love damon here. more and more we're getting inside his head, which isn't making me love stefan more at all. stefan/elena has taken a backseat to the action and to damon loving her, and just on the whole not giving stefan anything to make me like him for her. right now stefan's just dandy, which doesn't give viewers anything to get behind him and hope for him instead maybe we'll get some delena stuff at the end of this season? i heard there is a bit of it in the books, so it's not out of the question. basically stefan right now, is a boring static character, where as damon just has a character that's more interesting


I used to be such a big Stelena fan but.. they've gotten so cheesy. I don't know why everyone is like OMG to them mouthing "i love you' to each other, they say it all the time just like any other tweeny couple that thinks they'll be together forever.


Love this episode!!! Especially the caroline (and Tyler)story, and the looks between stefan and caroline were amazing! I don't know with whom I want caroline to be with (Tyler, stefan or matt)right now:)Can't wait for the next episode!


I think the Salvatore brothers put up a good fight considering they were seriously outnumbered. What I don't get however was how Damon did not notice all the other werewolves in the woods when he arrived. Like shouldn't you be able to sense them? I want Caroline to kick Jule's butt! She deserves her revenge.

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