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1. Stefan: This is a future memory: it's where your boyfriend whispered to you that he loved you.

2. I hope so. There's a lot of potential for Tyler's character

3. I do not like Jonnie! It's too weird XD

4. Jenna will eventually discover the truth and like Jeremy, she will learn to accept and get involved!


I dpnt really care i loved the WHOLE episode!!!


1. when damon meets elijah - lol
2. yes he'll be back
3. Love them together
4. yes she needs to know


1) All the scenes between Damon and Elijah ... perfect ... hold me.

2) Yes, to join Elena and Caroline.

3) Very Hot, both have experienced very thing and deserve to be happy.

4) I hope so.

PS: I had not been aware of the terms of the agreement between Elena and Elijah until today, surprised me.


I have a theory that I have taken from my own idea and other peoples, I think that Damon will give Elena his blood she will come back after she was killed in the sacrifice and then there is the season 2 cliffhanger for some reason she will cone back as a vampire and then they will focus on more Delena!!!! I think Tyler will come back more mature but will still be loyal to Elena and co. Caroline will end up with Tyler, I think either Matt or Jenna will die by Klaus's hand, and I also hope Katherine gets out of the tomb soon!!!!


Perhaps I am wrong, but I believe that Elijah is still trustworthy. Luka got Bonnie to ease up on the pressure she had been applying to him, which means he could probably lie instead of telling the truth. Does it not seem suspicious? Killing Elijah may end the compulsion on Katherine, which may be part of her plan to escape from Elijah. I expect her to forever be the central villain even in spite of there being much more powerful beings in the Originals.


1. ELijah telling Damon he was arrogant and needed to show somw respect. Also telling him as soon as he was of no use, he would kill him. Elijah is SO badass!
2. Tyler is definitely coming back and I just hope he will stay, please don't kill him off! He's a great character!
3. NOT - I can't wait for Bonnie to hook up with Damon. This whole Boremy thing is child's play.
4.Jenna will find out...the question is, if/when Matt will and how will he react?

This was a fantastic episode. Hope they can keep up the momentum!


Best line Alaric to John you a dick loved it!
Hope Tyler comes back
Elijah is great so dangerous


Ok I'm back unrelated question to the series but anyone knows the phone elana has I'm need a new one and I like it


What was your favorite quote/scene from the episode?
Elijay stabbing Damon in the neck! Loved it :')

Will we ever see Tyler again?
I hope so i love tyler

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