The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "The House Guest"

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WOW. It's safe to say we have a lot to talk about this week on The Vampire Diaries Round Table. Before our panel gets into it, be sure to read our review of the latest, action-packed episode.

Ready? Good. Below, editor-in-chief Matt Richenthal is joined by TV Fanatic writer Steve Marsi and fellow critic Eric Hochberger to discuss developments from "The House Guest" ...


What was your favorite quote/scene from the episode?
Matt: Close your eyes, give me your hand, darling. Do you feel my heart beating? Do you understand? Really, I could just type out every lyric from "Eternal Flame" as my quote.

Steve: Damon shooting down Katherine. That tease. Takes one to know one!

Eric: Katherine's reaction after (nearly) killing Jonas. Licking her blood-stained lips? Sexy, frightening and delicious.


Bigger shock: Isobel's return, the death of Luka and Jonas or Damon turning down sex with Katherine?
Matt: I'll combine the death of Luka with the fact that Elijah remained dead. I was convinced he'd return to (after?) life and wreak havoc. Instead, the death toll just continued to add up.

Steve: All were surprising, but both warlocks going down hard and fast was definitely the development I expected least. At least they flamed out in style.

Eric: Damon's dismissal of Katherine. Seriously, that must have been some fascinating journal entry he was reading!

Better version of Eternal Flame: The Bangles or Candice Accola?
Matt: The Bangles. Gotta go with the originals. Let's just hope they don't return and try to sacrifice Accola's doppleganger. That would be unfortunate.

Steve: Candice. Who knew she had such a great voice? As a sucker for cheesy ballads, I loved the song selection too. If you're taking requests, Candice, can you do "True Colors" by Cyndi Lauper next week? Matt might need another serenade after seeing yours ...

Eric: I agree with Steve. I'm far from a softie, but it got very dusty in here after Matt ended Caroline's rendition with a kiss.

How will Matt respond to the news about Caroline?
Matt: Gotta imagine he's gonna need a break. Perhaps a road trip of some kind. When he returns, he won't be alone (cough... cough... Tyler... cough... cough).

Steve: His initial reaction wasn't exactly encouraging, but the fact that she saved his life must count for something. Maybe he'll come around, but I'd brush up on my '80s covers if I were Caroline.

Eric: Not well at first. But after doing his laundry for like a month, all should be fine between these two.

Give us one bold prediction for the final set of season two episodes.
Matt: Isobel will sacrifice herself to save Elena. At the hands of Klaus, when all is said and done, we'll see that Elena's mother actually does care and is willing to take the most extreme step possible as proof.

Steve: Often relegated to the sidelines, Bonnie will play a pivotal role in the gang's quest to kill Klaus. Also, Katherine will continue to assert herself as a sexual being. No one will see that coming.

Eric: Dair will finally sleep together, causing a ripple effect around the upper Eastside and... wait, this might be for the wrong show.

Matt Richenthal is the Editor in Chief of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter and on Google+.


Favorite scene: definitly jonas burning down the grill
Shock: Isobel comming back !! I love her !
Best Version: Candice
How will Matt respond?: I think caroline might have to compel him to forget.. And then of course tyler comes back and my FORWOOD can finally be together.
Prediction: I think Elena will die.. She will come back of course, but i'm not sure on the 'how' part ;)


favorite scene mmm...i think when katherine killed the warlock i forget his name
shock isobel return really freak me out i never thought she get back to town and i dont like her or jonh i want them dead
best version candice i didnt know she sings but she is great
matt respond well he needs time to figure things out maybe they can bring tyler back of a little competition for caroline will be great
and prediction well i agree with vampirediariexo elena will become a vampire and katherine is going to fall for damon but its gona be too late for them

Anna maria

ugh I'm pissed off.. I really liked Elijah, Jonah and Luka..they were good "people" would have been great if Luka had managed to revive Elijah, then all three would be alive!
But..oh well, I'm excited to see how this is least Elijah had a plan. Now Isobel AND Katherina are in town..that should be interesting


Isobel can't be use as the sacrifice, because a vampire and in one of the episode Katherine said that to break the curse you need a human doppelganger.

Bobbie whited

I think elena will probably turn by the end of this season, unless she's given a magic ring that prevents death by supernatural cause. srsly why does no one think of giving elena one of those rings.


The only thing that kind of ruined the books was Jenna never knew, And that was one of the only things i was reading to see how that will play out after Elena died multiple times, but it was apparant it would never be explanined. But the show seems to learn from the books mistakes and is going down that path of letting the extras in like Matt and Jenna, so if Elena does die Jenna will know and the rest of the town wont. But i think the show is scared to make Elena a vampire because that would be the begning of the end.


I just can't wait to see who plays Klaus!

Amy jackey

What was your favorite quote/scene from the episode?:damon throwing kathern off the bed.
Bigger shock: Isobel's return, the death of Luka and Jonas or Damon turning down sex with Katherine?: Isobel's return and the death of luka and jonas.
Better version of Eternal Flame: The Bangles or Candice Accola?:candice accola.
How will Matt respond to the news about Caroline?:shocked and confused.
Give us one bold prediction for the final set of season two episodes.:that elena will get turned into a vampire.


Favorite quote/scene: Jonas nearly burning down the Mystic Falls grill looking for Elena and Damon throwing Katherine off the bed.
Shock: Death of Luka and Jonas.
Best version: The Bangles
Matt: He need a friend right now and that is where Tyler comes in.
Prediction: Someone major will die and no I am not talking about Matt and Jenna.


I predict Elena will become a vampire like Katherine did, to avoid being killed by Klaus! That logically makes sense, but it may be a little early in the series to change Elena to a vamp already... hmm..

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