The Walking Dead Season 2 Spoiler: Welcome, Michonne!

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What's in a whisper? As previously reported, that question will play a key role on season two of The Walking Dead.

What else can fans expect when this AMC hit returns? Teases Jeryl Prescott Sales (Jaqui) to TV Guide:

"I think it is going to go further into the human dilemma, what these people have to deal with day to day - life and love and stress and losing people they care about and the struggle to survive. I also think they're going to see Michonne (pictured), the figure from the comic book that everyone's waiting to see."


But what about Jaqui herself? Did she make it out alive from a certain explosive event on the season one finale?

"The DVD drops March 8, and if you watch Episode Six over and over and over again, you might discover something," the actress says.


I happen to like Shane...I think he gets waaay too much flack..he just has the guts to say or do what everyone else is to afraid of...if he left the group they would quickly fall apart. As for Lori, Shane did not lie to her...I think he really did think that Rick was dead or gonna be if he wasn't already...that was what the show leads you to belive anyway. Never ever get involved with you husbands best friend...even after a zombie apocolypse. Now for My girl Michonne...simply can't wait...please, please, please AMC don't mess with her character too much...she's perfect already.


Hi all! I am a huge fan of the show. Just finished the comic book series and it was awesome as well. I am an African-American Female from Denver CO and im sure u can imagine i don't have very many in my immediate circle to share my love of the macabre with. I love these blogs dude. Awesome!!


also I am kind of glad they didn't follow the comic book exactly. how boring would that be. I think they changed it just enough to keep you wondering. so if you have read the comic you can still enjoy the anticipation aspect that is so great. none of the deviations that the show makes from the comic seem to ruin the overall story for me. although I do agree kill off shane soon if he sticks around too long it will definitely start to go in a completely different direction. you gotta feel a little bad for Jon Bernthal though. he get's into these great series just to get killed off. The pacific and now The walking dead.


I'm leaning more towards josep's comment. I find it more likely that jenner told rick that they were all infected. there's no reason why he would test for pregnancy also it wouldn't really serve much of a purpose. also I don't think it was ever determined that judith was shane's daughter or rick's in the comic. as far as jaqui surviving I don't see the possibility of it. unless the room that jenner and jaqui were in weren't part of the explosion. after all those doors seemed rather indestructible.


The show doesn't follow the comics at all. Some of the characters are the same, but they added more people and the events are totally different. If they screw up the Michonne character, then I am done with the walikng dead. She is truly this shows last hope. I love the comic, and this show is ok, but they better make Michonne every bit as bad-ass in the show as they did in the comic.


They haven't stuck to the comics so far, not religiously anyway. I can't wait for Michonne!


SPOILER ALERT Also is possible that Jenner told Rick that ALL was infected. In comics, they see in prision how a dead by murder came back to become a zombie. But i think the secret will be something new... will see soon. pd: sorry about my low level of english.


she's hardly a player, shane tells lori rick is dead so she moved on like people do. when she found out shane lied she has every right to hate him. Shane should be killed off soon i hope dont like him in the comics or on the tv series. Can't wait for michonne!!


In the comic Lori carries Shane's baby to term.


I believe that Rick is part Zombie and while he was in the hospital they were testing him and he survived but the zombies started attacking and the CDC told no one that one survived.

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