This is Your Standard Taylor Momsen Sighting

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It's been awhile since we heard from Taylor Momsen, on or off the set of Gossip Girl.

It's unclear when she'll return to the show (hopefully soon), but in the meantime, she's doing her thing. Fans of Taylor and the show have a pretty good idea what that is.

Here's the Pretty Reckless singer in (sort of NSFW) action over the weekend ...

Momsen T

Standard Taylor Momsen concert attire.

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"I fuck for Satan"?


First I thought that 'pretty reckless' sound like crap.. like little disney girl trying to be bad.. but they actually sound PRETTY GOOD. As I did, people judge wrong Taylor too, because of her look. In my humble opinion she's a great singer and her appearance does not matter. I'm still thinking she doesn't need to look like a racoon or sing in underpants in order to look like a 'rock star'.. But anyway, she can use a box I don't care.

I 3 nate archibald

@Lulu she actually graduated like 2 years ago and started taking college courses at 16 so...and how exactly is it sad that she is performing on stage with her band (that has actually been pretty sucessful) and why is it sad that she's making a career for herself?


This is so sad. Where are her parents? Does she even go to school?

Steve marsi

@ Lee - I don't know what's "hypocritical" about this. I like Taylor, wish her the best in her music career (though I wish she'd come back to GG more often). This is just a fun photo I thought people would enjoy commenting on. No offense was meant. However, I do see your second point, and am happy to post more on her so there's no question of our site's intent. So if you find a link to a story about her album, success, etc., just post it here and I'll write up the story for all to see.




Oh yeah... DAIR. Whats up? You wanna go Dair haters? Oh we'll go.


Ha thats great. atleast she knows she has hitten rock bottom before turning eighteen. That's at least something.. Right? bahaa


i understand her wanting to blaze her own trail and do her own thing, but there is a way to do that while still showing some self respect


her music is great:)


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