TV Ratings Report: A Victory for Fox

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Auditions in Los Angeles didn't yield any potential finalists, but they did help American Idol rule Thursday night...

8 p.m.
American Idol: 21.8 million viewers
The Big Bang Theory: 13.8 million/$#*! My Dad Says: 10.5 million
Wipeout: 7.9 million
Community: 4.35 million/Perfect Couples: 3.1 million
The Vampire Diaries: 3.2 million

9 p.m.
CSI: 13.8 million
Grey's Anatomy: 11.1 million
Bones: 10.2 million
The Office: 7.3 million/Parks and Recreation: 5.05 million
Nikita: 2.4 million

10 p.m.
The Mentalist: 15.05 million
Private Practice: 7.1 million
30 Rock: 4.8 million/Outsourced: 3.8 million

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Yeah, I know it's getting a fifth. But ABC could give it a reduced number of episodes. Like 16. Perhaps even lower. They can sneak around contracts like that. I hope it gets at least 7 seasons. That's enough to wrap up a TV series. It's good too, because it's still got 7/8 of it's original cast, with only two new additions. One of which has been around since season 2.


Private Practice will be fine its in the steady 7 million which ABC loves but if it falls to 6 million then we should worry but as long as it stays above 7 it will be fine.


private practice is coming back next year but I`m still worried


I'm worried for Private Practice. I do hope the ratings go up. :D