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Fans of Shonda Rhimes dramas, we have a fun opportunity for you.

Come up with the best Grey's Anatomy and/or Off The Map love connections and win a prize from TV Fanatic and ABC! Here's what you have to do specifically:

You can enter for either show or both. Just choose two characters you would like to see become an item and write up a storyline that would lead to this relationship.

Simply post your story in a comment below to enter!

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There will be one Off the Map prize pack and one Grey's Anatomy prize pack, each comprised of a T-shirt, tote bag and notebook, awarded to the winner for each show.

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We'll announce the winner Monday, March 7! Good luck!

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I love the idea of Lilly getting married in New York and Keeton and Brennor becoming a couple. Mateo bringing her to the clinic is totally awesome! That would be a great episode. Keeton already knows that Breenor has the same personality as his wife. What is best for the clinic....too good....


In the hopes that Izzie may come back someday . . . Izzie calls Alex and tells him they need to talk. It can't be over the phone, they have to meet in person. He is with Lucy at this point, so he decides to ignore her. She shows up in Seattle anyways and corners him. Izzie tells him that she is engaged and her and her husband-to-be want to have a kid. The problem is she has no more viable eggs because of the cancer treatments. There are frozen embryos though, that have been fertilized by Alex. She came to ask him it would be okay to have his child with her fiance. He says it's fine and he doesn't really care, even though he obviously does. Izzie makes an appointment to have the treatment. It happens to be with Lucy. Lucy tells Izzie she needs the signature of the male before they can go ahead. Izzie knows that will be fine and pages Alex. Lucy then awkwardly finds out that they were once married and Alex is planning to have a child without telling her. Soon after Lucy breaks up with Alex. He then feels pretty crappy, but realizes it has nothing to do with Lucy, but with Izzie. We find out later that Izzie's fiance has refused to marry her if she can't have kids. She came to Seattle secretly and was going to reveal to him she was pregnant without mentioning he wasn't the father. Later that night, Alex is in Mer's kitchen drinking. He keeps listening to Izzie's phone message on repeat. He starts to cry. The door opens and someone walks in, it's Izzie. She was supposed to have left earlier that day. She sits beside Alex and they stare into each other's eyes. She says "I'm not having this baby without you." She broke up with her fiance because their relationship was filled with lies and ultimatums, and her true love is Alex of course. They kiss passionately, and they are finally reunited. The end! Sorry for the re-post guys. I had to register in order to be eligible for the contest!


alex brings up george up and mere hears and run to an in- call room and starts bursing out of tears cause george is dead and her huband is in the in call room with and seeher bursing out of tears but they start kissing and he may thought kissing would help her com down but it made everything worse.


Grey's Anatomy: Mark and Lexie [Lexie is operating with Mark. The monitor starts beeping. Mark is operating, so he can't use his hands for anything else.] Lexie: She's in VFib. Mark: Start defibrulating her, STAT! Lexie: [angrily] I know that. [tells nurse] Charge paddles to 250... Clear! [doesn't work] Charge to 300... Clear! [doesn't work again] Once more, charge to 360... Clear! [doesn't work again. Her eyes become wet] Mark: [looking at Lexie] Try again.
Lexie: [sarcastically] Yeah, Sure! It'll work now 'cause you're God... You know what, she's gone... [voice cracking] She's long gone. And its because of your mistakes... You left her behind and moved ahead in life... twice. You put her in a situation she wasn't ready for... twice. She thought you were the love of her life, and before having a baby, you didn't even ask her opinion! You just- Mark: [interrupting her] Lexie! [his hands are free now. He takes the paddles and defibrulates the patient. It works. Saying to Lexie] Sometimes, people just need another chance. [to another surgeon] finish up for me here please. [walks out of the O.R. Lexie follows him] [Outside the O.R.] Lexie: I'm sorry. I just... [voice cracking again] I tried, but I couldn't... couldn't move on. I wasn't ready to start a family... but, you were all I could think of, and that made me mad. And I just blew up under the pressure in that O.R. [puts her head on his chest and starts weeping] Mark: [forgetting his anger] Hey, Lexie, its okay. I'm not going anywhere. I'll always be there for you. I'm willing to wait till you're ready. Lexie: I'm ready now, and I will be, as long as you're with me... as long as you're teaching me... [A pause. They both smile.] [They kiss]


I am a huge fan of both series, but Off the Map is what keeps me addicted very much at the moment: I loved the sparks between Dr. Ben Keeton and Lily Brenner in the beginning - they share the same fate, sadly enough. But that provides some bonding-material. If they fall in love - which I hope, although I like Ryan Clark - it would happen slowly. And this Matteo person would have to disappear, or Lily would have to realise that Matteo is just not who he seems to be. Nevertheless, the chemistry of Ben and Lily would spike slowly - glances, late night conversations, cautious maybe at first even accidental touches, something to get the flame going again! What I find always helpful - one of the two being endangered somehow and the other worrying! Maybe a dumb idea, but I'd love to see this! :-) Another pairing - Otis Cole and Mina Minard! Wow - haven't thought about that pairing in the beginning, but now ... they're pretty great together! Can't wait to find out more.


I know this doesnt have to do with couples, but might I suggest please mentioning George more in the show. I would love a quick reference here or there to show he is still remembered. Maybe an episode where Meredith, Lexie, and Callie are in bad moods and noone knows why, except for Derek and Bailey. Ayrizona won't quit bugging Callie about it, and Lexie won't stop eating chocolate. Derek is very understanding of Meredith on this day and gives her space but tells her he loves her. It will turn out that the reason they are upset is because it is George's death anniversary. I think a visit to his grave or a visit from his mother would be nice. Maybe if that girl who he saved from the bus came on the show. I just think it would be a great episode. I have great ideas about this episode. I even have plenty of dialogue for this episode thought out. Yes. I am a loser, but it is my ultimate fantasy to be a Grey's writer.


PLEEEEASE READ!!! i put a-lot of thought into mine. Although my dream couple of all time is ALEX and Izzie, I know this isn't possible and I think he should date TEDDY. Alex Karev is sick of his work situation. He's sick of the bitchy OB who won't give him the time of day. (I realize he is most likely going to date her in upcoming episodes, but this is my storyline) He's sick of Stark who won't let Karev do anything. He's sick of Ayrizona who won't let him do anything, because Stark's her boss. He finally decides to do some more general surgeries instead of pediatrics for a while just to find some more exciting work. When back to his way of snooping around and stealing patients, he gets assigned Teddy. They have a distant, cordial relationship so far but know how to push each others' buttons. When Teddy's 'husband' comes in for a simple surgical procedure, Karev takes the case. When Teddy learns her hubby is in the hosiptal, she swoops in and snatches him from Alex. Alex grudgingly just observes Teddy. He learns Teddy is actually the patients' husband and says she cannot be his doctor. Karev offers to take him. Teddy says it's fine and that she is the attending. She will decide who takes what patients. Karev storms out. Later Teddy catches up with him and says he is never to run away angry in front of a patient. She lectures and lectures and finally says "That leaves the patient feeling ignored and scared that you are not worried about them. Do you know how unprofessional that is. If that wasn't my husband for a patient, then...." "BUT HE IS YOUR HUSBAND!!!!!" butts in Karev sick of being yelled at. "He's your husband! I wanted to take the case, because it is your husband! It is unprofessional to be your husband's doctor. If you do a surgical procedure on him, then your emotions will get in the way of your scalpel." Teddy looks taken aback by Karev's strong reaction. Alex continued... "I was married too. I had a wife that I loved. I know how you feel about your spouse." Teddy suddenly looks uneasy because she truthfully doesn't feel much for her husband. Alex spoke on... "I know that protection you want to give them because you love them so much, that noone can take care of them as well as you. I ALSO know what it's like to be a doctor in love with a patient. It didn't happen to me. It happened to that ex-wife of mine. She fell in love with a patient and did everything in her power to protect him. You know what happened to that patient, the love of her life? He ended up dead. If you want the same to happen to you, be my guest. But don't you dare come to me with 'unprofessional'" Karev storms off again and Teddy is at a loss of words. She catches up with him as they are leaving the building and apologizes and says she doesn't love her husband. She says she was only doing it to help the patient's insurance. She opens up to him about how she's single and lonely. They look at each other for a while and Karev just starts laughing. "That's extreme patient care... marrying a patient for insurance" he jokes. They laugh and laugh until they suddenly get quiet and akward. They're looking at each other very differently now... both in a different light. They realize they are sharing an unexpected intimate moment, and they both walk away swiftly. They both realize a new romance has just started.


@tvshowknowitall. I love your second version (with Mark) so much better, I wish it was the way you've said it, lol!


Lexie's at home, she soon realizes most of her stuff is missing. She then soon realizes that she left it all at Mark's house. She soon gathers up the courage to go over to his place. When she starts to knock she notices the door is open so she decides to go inside. She goes in making sure he's no where in sight, soon Lexie finds herself inside the house, looking around, feeling melancholy. Mark hears a weird noise and steps out of the bedroom he sees Lexie and his face immediately lights up. She can't help it and smiles back. "I'm just here to get my stuff," Lexie says "Oh, that's too bad, Mark replies. As Lexie's packing her stuff Mark is leaning on the doorway arms crossed "I miss you," he tells her. "Mark..." Lexie begins to say but she gets cut off by him. "Hear me out Lexie, I know I should've included you, I know I did wrong, I wish I could change the way I told you, they way I handled the situation. But the truth is, Lexie I can't live without you, I love you Lexie, it could've taken me time to say it but Lexie. I'm so deeply in love with you and they only..." he doesn't get to finish his sentence because Lexie is now kissing him. She lets him go for a second and whispers in his ear "I forgive you"


It late at night. Lexie comes storming into the house, she slams the door and stomps on the steps, it goes so loud that it wakes everyone up. Meredith tells Derek to stay in bed and she goes out into the hallway and see's Jackson. He quietly whispers to Meredith "I've got it," Meredith then goes back into her room sure that Jackson can fix the problem. Lexie gets to the top of the stairs, she sees Jackson and starts crying. He takes a few steps and hugs her, he grab her tightly so she calms down. Once she's somewhat calm he gently takes her hand and leads her into his room where they sit on his bed. He hears Lexie out as she tells him what happened. "I was going to talk to Mark about what's been on my mind about him, you know speak my mind. I was gathering my courage to talk to Mark and was just about to knock when I heard it all. His conversation with Callie, about how happy he was about the baby, and that it cleared him from most of his problems about... well after that I left." Jackson then wondered, "Then why do you smell like alcohol?" "Well I did go have a few.... a couple.... more like a lot of drinks at Joe's," Lexie responded "You don't deserve a guy that doesn't value you they way I do." Jackson said. He then raised her chin up, looked her in the eyes and kissed her. Lexie and Jackson.

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Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)

There's a reason I said I'd be happy alone. It wasn't 'cause I thought I'd be happy alone. It was because I thought if I loved someone and then it fell apart, I might not make it. It's easier to be alone, because what if you learn that you need love and you don't have it? What if you like it and lean on it? What if you shape your life around it and then it falls apart? Can you even survive that kind of pain? Losing love is like organ damage. It's like dying. The only difference is death ends. This? It could go on forever.