Two Pretty Little Liars Sneak Peeks: "A Person of Interest"

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On this Monday's new installment of Pretty Little Liars, Spencer and Emily both partake in an awkward conversation.

First, Spencer isn't happy with a decision reached by her parents, in response to the actions she and her friends took near the conclusion of "A Bad Seed."

Then, Emily confronts Paige about a certain kiss, but is also displeased with the response she receives. What is going on between these two? Does Paige have an ulterior motive? Or is she really just struggling with her sexuality? Watch the following two clips from "A Person of Interest" and decide for yourself:

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does any one els find it ironic that only about 10 episode back emily was just another girl dealing with her sexuality and afraid of her parents reaction like paige, pushed by a "expirienced" gay person like maya to confront her feelings. and now she is the "long time out of the closet experienced gay person" pushing paige to the same position.


Honestly I think Paige is just confused about everything . I think she kissed Emily because she does have feelings for Emily and got caught up in the moment and now that she has time to think about everything she's scared that word will get out about her . We've seen her dad in action about gay people in reference to Emily so maybe she's just scared and confused all at the same time .


What a dissapointment after all that build-up towards Paige and Emily. Feels like they took one step forward and three steps back right after that. Grtz!

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