V Season Finale Spoilers: Who Will Die?

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V will wrap up its season season on March 15. At this time, the odds for a third are unlikely, but one thing is certain:

IF the ABC drama is renewed, it will return this fall with a different cast. According to executive producer Scott Rosenbaum, only two characters are locks to be living following next month's finale: Anna and Erica.

Saying he chose his victims based on "what would be most devastating for the characters I want to continue," Rosenbaum says at least two of the following people will be killed off: Ryan, Tyler, Jack, Lisa, Diana and Chad.

Serpent's Tooth Scene

Ryan and Jack may need to pray for their own lives at this point.

"People are going to be shocked," Laura Vandervoort (Lisa) told TV Guide. "When we read the script there was initially shock, then sadness."

It sounds from that quote as if Lisa is safe, but that's all we can say for certain. Who do you think V should axe?


Well, ex Father Jack is definitely NOT going to get Erica in the end. Hobbes and Erica all the way. Can't wait until Tuesday to watch the full scene, you'll know the one I mean when you see it! Now I definitely am writing ABC asking for a third season.


AGGH..... Let it be Tyler and Hobbes, I love Ryan


Ouch! What about Hobbes?
Keep writing to paul.lee@abc.com asking for another seaon. Maybe we'll get a real ending at least.


@marylouise i agree, tyler IS the most annoying teenager on all of TV! They better not kill Lisa! she and Anna along with Erica makes this show worth watching.


I think they WILL kill off Lisa. If they kill the pretty girl, this show is basically toast.


Defo tyler needs to be killed off he is the most annoying teenager in the history of tv his head is de size of a planet i no im being mean but seriously he is vvvvvv annoying lol


jack and tyler should die!! Ryan already looks dead to me, i think he died in that explosion in "siege"...or did he??

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