Vampire Diaries Fans to Meet Klaus On...

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We already know that Joseph Morgan has landed the must-hyped role of Klaus on The Vampire Diaries.

Now, thanks to the detective work of Michael Ausiello, we can confirm the actor/character's premiere date: April 21.

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With nothing else to add, we'll conclude this update with a few pressing questions:

  • Do you trust the information Jonas revealed about his sister?
  • Will Elena be turned this season?
  • Under what circumstances would you next like to see Damon shirtless?
  • What main character will die next?
  • Which side will Tyler choose, werewolf or vampire?

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Amy jackey

luka not jonas. maybe•they might have where klaus gets ahold of elena and then it goes off and leaves you will a cliffhanger until next season.•damon is the shower or working out.•i think john and jules will die•i like tyler will choose vampires


maybe he was honest, Elena should be turned this season maybe at the end on in the final episodes. It would be awesome to see Damon Shirtless again working out OMG!! the character who will die next is probably Alaric or Matt.


1. I trust the information to a certain degree. Like it's honest for him but his dad and Elijah may have kept certain parts of the plot to themselves.
2. No Elena will probably be turned in season 3.
3.Does it really matter as long as he is shirtless. I also wanna see Stefan shirtless also.
4. Maybe Uncle John.(I hope) Nah I have a feeling it may be Tyler.
5. Werewolf. Jules is manipulating.


I hope that Elena is not turning this season, it's too early!
And I hope that Tyler is getting back soon...

Anna maria

oh, and tyler should side with werewolves because he's one of them but I agree with @CrAZychicke that he and Caroline should maintain a Romeo and Juliet relationship, I love them together!!

Anna maria

If someone should die it should be Matt, Jeremy or Jenna..poor things but they make the least impact on me
And Damon should be shirtless all the time! And he should wear this beard he's rocking on the poster!


•Do you trust the information Jonas revealed about his sister?
Don't you mean luka? and if bonnie's power was stronger than luka's then yes, but then again could Luka have faked it?
•Will Elena be turned this season?
really? i don't think so, i like the human/vampire bond but maybe down the track.
•Under what circumstances would you next like to see Damon shirtless?
any of the next episodes is fine by me.
•What main character will die next?
I'm hoping neither Damon, Elena, Stefan, Caroline, Bonnie or Jeremy or Tyler. Characters you can kill Jenna, Matt or Jules.
•Which side will Tyler choose, werewolf or vampire?
I think he'll choose werewolf but i still hope for a romeo and juliet vampire/werewolf bond between him and caroline. Bring on the new eps, can't wait to see how the storyline evolves!


Do you trust the information Jonas revealed about his sister? It wasn't Jonas who revealed the information, Luka did. But I do trust that information because Bonnie put a spell on Luka to say the truth, so it must be the truth. Will Elena be turned this season? No, too soon. Well, she is the doppelganger and there's a chance that one of her vampire friends will turn her so Klaus can't sacrifice her. Under what circumstances would you next like to see Damon shirtless? I want to see Damon shirtless under all circumstances. He's freaking DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS. Please, I'd love some more shirtless scenes. What main character will die next? Who knows. Probably Bonnie. She's obviously getting into a relationship with Jeremy, and jinxing herself. Because that's the luck that befell both of Jeremy's past two girlfriends. Which side will Tyler choose, werewolf or vampire? Well, the werewolves lied to him. But the vampires are his natural enemies. And for that guy named John who commented here, shut up about Damon killing Mason. Because Mason the mutt set Damon and Stefan up to be killed, and also SLEPT with Katherine. Can you really blame Damon for killing Mason?
I think Tyler really loves Caroline, and the werewolves lied to him, so there's a strong chance he'll side with the vampires. I hate the werewolves. Lucky there aren't any werewolves in Mystic Falls anymore. Jules the bitch left town with Tyler, Brady and the others got killed.


Honestly Tyler should choose the wolves, Damon murdered his cousin in cold blood and Elena's cousin stood there and watched. Seriously I know Damon is hot and the girls love him but I am tired of him getting away with murder after murder after murder on plenty of innocent victims. The werewolves need to break the curse more and they are not out right killers. After all they did not immediately gut katherine on a full moon when they found out about her.


i would hope that tyler chooses the vampires but its pretty clear his allegiance lies with the werewolves since he left with jules

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