Vampire Diaries Fans to Meet Klaus On...

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We already know that Joseph Morgan has landed the must-hyped role of Klaus on The Vampire Diaries.

Now, thanks to the detective work of Michael Ausiello, we can confirm the actor/character's premiere date: April 21.

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With nothing else to add, we'll conclude this update with a few pressing questions:

  • Do you trust the information Jonas revealed about his sister?
  • Will Elena be turned this season?
  • Under what circumstances would you next like to see Damon shirtless?
  • What main character will die next?
  • Which side will Tyler choose, werewolf or vampire?

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Personally i dont thimk elena will be turned...its still too early.They'll probably think of a way out of the whole sacrifice that we won't have thought of.I would enjoy some more shirtless Damon,but i would LOVE some shirtless Stefan even more...we cant let those amazing abs go to waste,now can we?I would imagine Tyler hanging with the wolves,but would do something sweet to win Caroline,so he'll probably end up n the vampire's side.And i would think Katherine,Luka's dad or sis,Elijah or John to die in this seasons finale.

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