Who is Getting Married on 90210?!?

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It doesn't get much simpler, or intriguing, than this:

A main character on 90210 will get married this season. Who will be walking down the aisle? Read on to find out...

The bride-to-be has been identified as Ivy! Who is she marrying? When will the event take place? Michael Ausiello does not reveal those nuggets in his latest spoiler column. But this news in and of itself ought to be enough to get fans buzzing.

Do so in our comments section below and/or in our 90210 forum. Are you excited about this storyline?

Being a Free Spirit

OK so here is my take Raj and Ivy get married but the catch…. Raj is not dying and is actually connected to Casper somehow….. Way too out there maybe but I do think there is something sketchy when it comes to Raj I am not 100% on the fact he is dying…. He has yet to be introduced to any of the other cast and if this guy has any staying power they would at least have started mingling him in throughout the gang…. This story will be over by the end of the year and it will bring Ivy and her mom closer together!


I love it!!, I think that the storylines are so much better than the previous seasons!, and after I saw "blue naomi" episode, It makes sense the Ivy-Raj's weeding, love it. And god!! Naomi and Max are amazing together there is a lot of chemestry there!. LOVE them all!


ell its obviously raj she's getting married to, especially after he confided in her about how he has cancer. Over the two episodes they have been together, their relationship has developed enormously and raj has actually bought some life into Ivy's character, and for that I am grateful. I like this story line


@Aries 93 : when i come on the 90210 column, there is no distinction between reviews and spoilers and i might as well end up on the title of a spoiler even if i dont want to, so i really don't see how awkward this might be...


I love 90210 but I wonder how 90210 going give this storyline time cause when it return april 28 its only going have five episodes left so more likely its going be rushed.but look at it this way ivy and dixon having a affair and good storyline right


GG=Life: I must return the favor and say I agree. Storylines have really opened up. Granted, each season is still about relationships, but they're dealing with sexuality, rape, child pornography, kidnapping, fraud, etc.
Season 1 and 2 just dealed with pure relationships. With a few things in the mix like illegitimate siblings, drug abuse and mental illness. I will agree that those were interesting, but the storylines are really peaking my interest.


@chastidy Actually I think the storylines are getting much better then in season 1 and 2 where every storyline was about a relationship and @HAHA "worser" isn't a WORD! Its worse! What are you five?! (wow I sound like a dick) asshole comment of the week goes to me! :D


@GG=Life: Hahaha, thank you. @Julien: You want post with more "subtle" title post, because you don't want to read spoilers. I'm pretty sure this title: "Who is Getting Married on 90210?!?". That would be a spoiler. Not a review... Awkward...


Pointless stories that go nowhere. This show is a trainwreck.. They need to fire the head writer.


I think she gets married to that new guy she met Raj. In the press release for the next episode it says that Raj confides in Ivy. I think he might tell her that he is an illegal citizen and to become legal he'll have to get married to someone in the US. So I think that's where this is going.

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