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Arizona's Parents, Callie's Mom Cast on Grey's Anatomy

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We've already met Callie's father, Carlos Torres, played by Hector Elizondo. Now get ready to meet her mom - and BOTH of Arizona's parents - on Grey's Anatomy!

TV Guide reports that Judith Ivey (Designing Women, Big Love) and Denis Arndt (Picket Fences, The Practice) will play Barbara and Col. Robbins, parents to Arizona.

Callie's dad is also set to return along with his wife, Lucia, a role now being cast. This has to be a harbinger of Callie and Arizona getting married this spring, right?

AZ Parents

Meet the Robbins: Arizona's folks will make an appearance this spring.

UPDATE: Gina Gallego will play the mother of Callie. The soap opera veteran will debut May 5 as Lucia Torres, the wife of Callie's father, Carlos, who will also appear!

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I think this does mean that they are getting married, yay! but in 6.01 im sure arizona said her mom was dead? Please someone correct me if I am wrong


Why are people talking abbout Arizona being killed ?


dont kill arizona she's the reason why i watch grey's anatomy >,


so glad Callie and Arizona will get married :)


It's definitely for the wedding I reckon. Wow, Callie's Mum is actually called Lucia - maybe the ridiculously detailed weddingy spoilery episode summary things were true after all?!


Or Arizona could die and her parents are there for the funeral. callies parents are there for the baby


oh my god! oh my god! they must be getting married! oh my god i'm so excited!

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