Army Wives Episode Promo: "On Behalf of a Grateful Nation"

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If last Sunday's episode of Army Wives was the calm before the emotional storm, fans of this Lifetime drama should run out and purchase Kleenex prior to the March 27 installment.

Titled "On Behalf of a Grateful Nation," the hour will focus on how these women lean on one another in times of sorrow and times of need. As the following preview makes clear, the episode will require the wives to support each other more than ever.

Says Sally Pressman (Roxy): "A soldier's death will be revealed that will rock everyone. It's the best episode we've shot in all five years."

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Its jeremy. Cant believe they did to them again


I think it's Michael, the General. He got promoted and was gonna have to move w/ Claudia Joy when he got back...this was she won't have to move.


How about that Pamela is in black in the picture above and Chase is the only husband not pictured. I am pretty sure it's Chase.


I think that it is Jeremy. Denise seems to be the one on the end in the church. Usually thats where you sit if you are the closest living relative . and if you look when the man says Ready, Aim ,Fire... That looks and sounds like Frank. It also looks like Frank standing at the back of the casket when they are walking through the cemetary. Also it to black haired women in the front walking behinfd the soldiers and the casket. You can see Rockie and Pam behind the dark haired women. Also Jeremy was saying just two more weeks and he would be home. I just know its him. but I could be wrong thats just my view.


it sounds like Chase who is talking in the preview - listen to no greater love that a man has then laying down his life.


They have really taken that lay down for your friend out of content


If I look right,I can see Trevor and Michael standing in Irak/Afghanistan(or whatever they are all at this time)! I think it is Jeremy, Frank or Chase. But it looks like Jeremy.. Sunday has to come noww!!!!

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