Army Wives Review: "Movement To Contact"

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After seeing the previews for this episode, I sat through "Movement To Contact" wondering when that damn SUV was coming and to whom it would bring a message. I felt like I was watching the late news and they were holding the most important story until the end to drive me nuts. The wait was killing me.

Well, the wait will kill me for another seven days. It was, as I expected, the very last scene. There are not enough spoilers for Army Wives, and I'm going to be aching for every character on the show until I know what happened. I expect next week to be a tissue-laden viewing experience.

Movement to Contact Scene

The Burtons are still struggling to keep their lives together. Joan has bitten off more than she can chew as Garrison Commander. A successful family life might take more dedication than she can devote to both job and family. I'm still surprised that Roland hasn't snapped by now. He is such a strong man.

When Joan questioned their decision to send Sarah Elizabeth to Westlake Preschool instead of supporting the Child Development Center on post, I liked that Roland suggested using her position to change things so they might be able to send Sarah Elizabeth elsewhere for kindergarten. I guess this is the love and teamwork I haven't experienced myself that keeps their marriage together.

Claudia Joy's first day at work did not hold the excitement she expected. I felt so badly for her; she was gung ho and basically put in her place as she walked in the door. I never expected Professor Chandler to treat her like dirt.

Given his past appearances, I also would have never guessed he and Claudia Joy would have something so heart-felt in common: the loss of a daughter. I was happy they finally gave him a human side outside of his relationship with Claudia Joy. Hopefully, it will give her career room to flourish, as well as their friendship, and we won't have to worry about the questionable leanings of their past.

Considering how Denise and Tonya's relationship started, I thought it was great that Jeremy felt he could go to his mom when Tonya dropped her bombshell on him. It must have been difficult to learn over the phone that Tonya didn't want to marry him, but he had no better advocate than his mom to go in as backup.

What a great job she did! When Tonya and Jeremy were talking later on the phone, I had chills. I know theirs was a whirlwind romance, but under the circumstances in which they fell in love, being at war, I didn't doubt their love for each other at all. It's a lot easier to believe than an old episode of The Love Boat.

I really don't like the new devil version of TJ. If they ship him to juvie, it would be a blessing for the entire LeBlanc family. When they showed the flag raising the day after TJ broke Lucas' arm, and Roxy looking at her family photos, I had my mind made up that it was Trevor who would be killed in action. 

Her family has the most to lose. Her life is on the edge already. The death of Trevor would send TJ over the edge. I don't know how much farther he could go at this point. At the very least, Roxy is safely planted on the show because she runs the hump bar. It would be easy for her to make a living and remain near base.

I loved the strength of their friendship this week. I am dreading how much they will need that strength next week. My mind is whirling with possibilities. Given the preview scenes, every family is at risk. Tonya wasn't grasping hands with the others, is that an omen? I saw Emmalin at the funeral service. Omen? TJ and Finn both jumping into Roxy's arms in tears. Omen? None of the wives seemed to be in a specific position at the service to come to any conclusions.

Meet back here next week so we can share in our grief. In the meantime, share your thoughts in the comments. I can't be the only one who will be heartbroken all week in anticipation...


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I have watch the previews and I think its Chase and Jermemy gets hurt pretty bad because Pamela is having a fit at the funeral and in the preview Deneise is sitting against the wall crying


I never even imagined it could be Michael. But you guys are right, with Emmalin off at college and Claudia Joy with a new career, she would still be in town. My DVR shut off before I saw she and Emmalin behind the coffin. They've left it so that most everyone can survive on their own, and still be involved with the other wives and the army. I noticed Finn wasn't at the service, and Tonya wasn't in the row with them. Aaack - I can't stand the anticipation!!


I had a thought that the funeral would maybe for Roxy's troubled son, don't know if they would have a military funeral for a kid though. i can't wait until sunday for an answer to all this mystery lolol


Someone said it could not be Gen. Holden & Sherwood because they were in the last scene together. We don't know if only one person died. Some spoiler sites claim Chase will still be on the show. The actor portraying Jeremy is a college student. Tonya could have a place on base w/Denise if she is pregnant. Denise can be claimed as Jeremy's dependant if her husband dies. Claudia Joy could guide Roland thru his new role, giving her a place on the show if her husband dies.


I gave specific reasons as to why it could be anyone under the Command Presence review. I also showed how each character can remain on base. The death notice squad is only supposed to come to the survivor's home. Unless dramatic liberties have been taken, Gen Holden is dead. As far as certain people not being seen, even the female leads have outside projects, so this is not a reliable indicator of who died. Emmalin just began school, so there is no reason to be at the funeral if it is not her dad or Jeremy.


I think it is Jeremy cause it would make since for Emilin to be there because they were friends and dated a little, Trevor was his Sgt. and Tonya is the only one that would does not have a main character on the show.


I really believe it's Jemery! If it was any other wives they would have to leave their neiborhood!


it is either chase trevor or jeremy its not micheal or frank they were together in the last scene and the holden family has been thru to much


Ok if it is Claudia Joy, she would be required to move off post and thus what role would she play on the show, she too would have no reason to stay and you certainly can't say for it to be a part time assistant. Plus the fact that Michael was already taken and would be under heavy security. Michael is safe. I do believe it is Chase, Pam character has her job on the force, guy who is interested in her, she is divorced which means the flag could go to the mother, not the ex-wife, Claudia Joy as the General's wife would be there to console whoever it is, and if it is Jeremy, that would crush Denise, crush her. So if it is one of the main character's who is impacted and the one with the least amount of damage to show's integrity is Chase. Pamela character was leaving for Atlanta before Lifetime pulled the plug on the Spinoff, so they were prepared to write off the Chase character anyways. Just a thought


I'm sorry, why is Pamela pregnant in this photo on here??? I think Chase dies and Pam finds out she is pregnant. Chase was never really on the show anyway.

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Roland: They totally bought that.

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