Army Wives Review: "On Behalf Of a Grateful Nation"

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If this was not the most frustrating beginning of an episode of Army Wives, I'd love for you to point me to another. To start right at the funeral, all wives in equal position (notably missing was Tonya) meant more drawn out anguish for this viewer.

When they flashed back to Afghanistan, I kept thinking back to the previous episodes when Trevor was less than satisfied with what the Afghan forces were showing in terms of capabilities. They didn't seem to realize it was a life or death situation, which was ironic since it was their own country that had been under siege for so long. Their sheer unwillingness to fight for their own freedom was going to cause the death of one of our own.

Flag-Draped Casket

We were seven minutes in before we finally saw the end of the line seated at the funeral. To Denise's right was Frank, and to his, Tonya. Jeremy was gone.

When Michael told Frank there were casualties, the look on the latter's face was tragic. Michael just walked away, leaving Frank in his grief. They were not only partners in combat but friends. At a time like that, what could have possibly been said to make the news any easier?

Given that the war is still going on, I was surprised our American troops had to lead in battle. I don't know what I expected, but that it didn't go the way of political correctness felt honorable. Trevor is going to take this very hard. He didn't have confidence in what they were doing, and this won't make his job overseeing the Afghan army any easier.

Where was Tonya's family? Granted, they never had the chance to meet Jeremy, but wouldn't they fly to be with their daughter at her fiancee's funeral? Perhaps they were setting the stage for our guess of her pregnancy and moving in with Denise. It didn't make me feel any better for Tonya. She was so alone, with only new friends at her side. What an awful position.

Roland took Jeremy's death particularly hard. He was the one who worked with him through his darkest moments to keep him alive after his suicide attempt. To then lose him in combat must have been especially challenging.

It was agonizing that it took the death of his son for Frank to meet his daughter for the first time. How such a moment could be so distorted with both joy and grief was nearly impossible to imagine.

"On Behalf Of a Grateful Nation" might be the turning point for TJ. He wanted to be there for Roxy in place of Trevor at the funeral. It might be the one thing that could knock him out of his stupor. To lose someone you loved and respected often brings out new qualities as people deal with their grief.

The episode was so tastefully done that there is really little to discuss. There is no doubt this will change the way our families deal with Army life, and we will witness many developments as a result. The episode itself was respectful of our fallen, honoring their memory. What else would we expect from Army Wives?


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THE BEST EPISODE to date..Tears almost the whole time and being an Army mom (son in Germany), and with several friends in Afghanistan, this was so intense and close to home. Bravo cast and writers!! Can't wait for more!


One of the best and saddest in the entire series. I cried the entire time. A show like this only makes us stop and think about all the real soldiers in the war right now and what they go through. Bravo Army Wives for a terrific series!!! @Army Mom & Denise T -- the pic with a pregnamt Pamela is from the FIRST season when she was pregnant. The web site hasn't updates with a new photo is all.


I haven't seen the episode yet but I knew from seeing the previews that this was gonna be an awesome episode. I thought
that it might have been Chase as the one to die never did I think
that it would be Jeremy and I loved Jeremy. I also did notice that in the banner/photo above that Pamela looks pregnant. Wonder how that story will play out. I can't see her staying with Chase after he made the decision to leave Delta and then when called up he couldn't even give her just a quick call to say he was leaving on a mission. I will be missing Jeremy for sure as he was as I said one of the characters that I liked.


This was really hard for me to watch. As someone who has watched their spouse get on those God awful buses and watch their husband drive away and possibly for the last time I just cried and cried. There are no words to express the thought that what if my husband had not come home do to you. I was hoping Jeremy would not have died but I knew it was going to be him. Still very sobering reminder of what it costs for our freedom.


I am not ashamed to admit I cried the entire time I watched last night.
I was fortunate enough to have my child serve and return to me. To all of those who do not, I can only imagine the anguish.
Great cast, great story.
Sometimes a little too real for the faint of heart and for those living the reality of this war day to day.


Excellent episode! I had to choke back tears the entire time. My son is in the Army, and it just made me think, what if it was him? He's already come back safely twice, thank God. I agree that this show should receive an emmy. By the way, did anyone else notice in the picture above that Pamela is pregnant?????


Whatever I am doing, I stop to watch Army Wives. Sunday's episode just made me cry. It felt so real, i guess because I work at Walter Reed and I see the soldiers everyday.


Great acting but I am pissed! Why!!!!!!! Survive suicide for this just on the brink of happy.


The best one yet!! I cried throughout the entire episode. I love this show!!



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Army Wives Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Roland: Joan! What is it?
Joan: Jeremy Sherwood was killed in action. I'm sorry Roland. I wanted to come as soon as I found out, but I had to wait until Denise was notified.

In keeping with our overall strategy, for the first time Afghan National Army units will take the lead, with American forces in support. This is why we're here gentlemen. This is their country, and I appreciate all you've done to get them ready. Now it's their turn to show us what they can do. Colonel Sherwood and I will be in the field with your, and I am confident of our success.

General Holden