Blake Lively Featured in New Chanel Campaign

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Chanel’s newest face, Gossip Girl star Blake Lively, is a vision (a double vision, you could even say) in her new advertisement for the brand’s Mademoiselle handbags.

Shot by Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld in the company’s Paris HQ, the photos are the first in a series which will appear in April magazines. Needless to say, she's beautiful.

Lively’s new role was announced in January, when Lagerfeld called her “kind of an American dream girl.” That's high praise, but ... is anyone arguing? Here's one ad:

Blake Lively Chanel Ad

MADEMOISELLE: The first in a series of Blake Lively's ads for Chanel.

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Always love to check what the ugly comments Leighton's fans make


@ VikitoSt This's Leighton Meester.Thank you so much you point it .


I think she's the most beautiful girl in the show


i think she looks gorgeous, though I'm a little bit disappointed by all the weight she's lost, her body has started to look unhealthy!


mysterygirl, i agree. Her face is so ugly. She almost look like a man with this rough lines. She has big and wide nose, ugly lips and the whole face is so rough. How come you people don't see it - she is ugly!


what i don't get it, how she is soo beautiful to you? she has a nice body, that's true, but the face?
it's just pity of chanel's name.


If I were looking through a fashion magazine, I wouldn't be enticed to take a closer look at this ad, at all. I'd just turn the page without a thought. Again, what a waste of Blake's beauty. I am looking forward to seering Leighton's Vera Wang perfume ad, due out in summer 2011. There's a pic of her wearing a gorgous burgundy gown and she looks breathtakingly beautiful. Sexy and classy at the same time. That pic makes me want to try out the new scent. Now that's what I call ADverticement!


She doesn't look like Blake Lively in this pic. She looks like just another nondescript, insignificant and generic model. What a waste of beauty to cover it up in that heavy make-up. She looks dirty instead of classy. And the bag IS cheap-looking.


has chanel lost his elegance?!?


chanel should have stuck to models or big name celebrities. nothing enticing about it. IMO, Blake just doesnt embody the Chanel brand that I envision. oh well, its still a pretty bag but I am not enticed to buy it.

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