Blue Bloods Review: Danny Dances on the Edge

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Danny. Oh, Danny. You make me crazy.

"Silver Star" had all the things I love about this character coupled with the issues that had me wanting to reach into my television and shake him. The senseless murder of a decorated Marine pushed Danny to the edge.

Marine Vigil

When Danny told his father, "If I were the victim I'd want the most royally pissed off detective in the world trying to find out who did that to me." I understood. Danny's anger helped motivate him further to get results on this case. Unfortunately it also drove him to make senseless mistakes. Henry was right. If the cops that stopped him from attacking Cassidy on the street weren't "old school" the incident would have been fodder for Cassidy's high priced attorneys.

I loved the fire this case lit under Danny. He wouldn't let it go and a Marine who did three tours of combat to serve his country certainly deserved that kind of dedication. Danny's a good cop but then he lost his head and made stupid mistakes. When he went to find Cassidy by himself to show him the Silver Star I wanted to scream at him. First off, shouldn't that medal be in an evidence bag by now?

Couldn't any viable fingerprints on it only help the case? And going in without backup just gave Cassidy the perfect opportunity to attack him. I'm sure having an excuse to beat the crap out of the man was satisfying for Danny but again, wouldn't that give Cassidy's lawyers more to work with in court.

My exasperation was tempered by the wonderful scene between Danny and Linda where Danny described the 19 year old soldier who was killed while taking an injured Danny's place on patrol. When he told Linda, "Why did a 19 year old kid have to give his life so I can have all this?" it was a powerful moment. It made me understand what was driving him. I just wish Danny could balance that passion with a little more good sense.

In other news, Frank woke up to a PR war with the mayor. Apparently the mayor wants his police commissioner to be popular but not quite that popular. His ego just couldn't take that kind of competition, even if Frank wasn't actually competing. 

Frank's no nonsense, take no crap attitude was great and it didn't change depending upon who he was talking to, whether it was the reporter, the press secretary, or the mayor himself. Unfortunately, the mayor was happy to remind Frank that he appointed him to that position and that could change at any time. Frank might be popular but the mayor proved this week that he wasn't above throwing some mud to get his way. It will be interesting to see how much of that Frank is willing to swallow in order to keep his job.

"Silver Star" was another great Blue Bloods outing that had me falling for this family, even when its members made me crazy.


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This was a great episode. I found the murderers scarier than serial killers because of their casual disregard for another's life. Danny was both wonderful and annoying. He can be a frustrating character to watch sometimes. I thought the best scene was when he shared what happened during the war with his wife. Great show.


I agree last night's episode was excellent. Does anyone know the name of the song that was playing in the beginning of the episode last night?

@ sonomafan

I know it's been 4 years since you ask but, the song is Down in a hole by Ryan Adams.


I want to congratulate the writers and the entire cast on this terrific episode. Being a Vietnam combat soldier my self, I thought Danny's sensitive and outrage as a combat veteran was very real. Congratulations again on dealing with the trauma these brave veterans have to face.


I have to agree I liked this episode a lot, and I too wonder how a veteran detective makes the mistakes Danny makes. I like the fact that though Danny is his son, he is still Frank's employee and Frank doesn't play favorites...he would "sit" Danny down if he had to.
On the scenes with the mayor and politics, I wasn't happy with the lack of resolution. Frank isn't the type to take flack from the mayor or to be used as a pawn for the mayor's reelection run. I am hoping this story arc is not over, because it just did not feel complete.
This show continues to be one of the best on television.

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