Castle Review: "Law & Murder"

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Castle continued its steady roll of enjoyable and entertaining installment with "Law & Murder."

The hour revolved around a poisoned juror on a high profile murder case that provided the usual and anticipated twists and turns. Sometimes, these can be overwhelming, but the murder here played out pretty smoothly.

Poisoned Juror

As entertaining as the case was, having some outside stories could have helped the episode a bit. 

Delivering some personal arcs to the secondary characters would really add another layer to this hit show. We know Castle and Beckett; let us get to know Esposito, Ryan, and even Lanie.

Case in point: the tease of Esplanie. They are this hot new couple.... so let us actually see them interacting. Ryan is super sweet, give him some screen time with his new fiance. Don't get me wrong, I still want my Caskett front and center, but I wouldn't be disappointed to see the others get some action.

Just last week I mentioned how badly Alexis is in need of her own arc. What do you know? We finally got it, sort of. Castle used his GPS app to track down a lying Alexis in Williamsburg. I was trying to take a guess in my notes: secret boyfriend? Pregnant? Drugs? Anything exciting? Turns out I was wrong.

Alexis had reported back to the scene of her friends' crime of shoplifting to pay for stolen clothes. This was a step in the right direction of character development, just not a full step forward.

Some other thoughts...

  • Loved that Castle's background of his phone is his own book cover.
  • How awesome was Castle trying to get Alexis and Martha to go see Forbidden Planet with him?
  • Even more awesome? Beckett wanting to see the same movie. Can you say date night?

What did you think, TV Fanatics? Was "Law & Murder" up to Castle standards? Sound off now.


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I thought it was ridiculous that Castle was made out to be a bad guy for monitoring his daughter when he knew she was lying about her whereabouts. In reality, a cop like Becket would know what kind of things can happen to a young girl in a big city who isn't where she is supposed to be. And when she comes back he lets her scold him for breaking HER trust? What about the part where she was lying about where she was? I would have expected her to be grounded. Am I the only one who thinks that whole thing was ridiculous?


I LOVED THIS EPISODE! and the Ending!!! OOOO I love Castle and Beckett! They are perfect for each other! Come on, Just kiss again already!!!!


For somes reasons (!) I know it was the brother... Too bad. Did you notice Castle bring coffee to Beckett everyday ! The end was nice too.


I love the way that Castle is waiting patiently in the backgroud for his opportunity to woo is way into Becketts heart. He's waiting for his chances and he took the opportunity last night to slowly work his way in. Love it! Castle, you are the master. Better to be subtle than forceful.


Thanks to DVR, I paused the show right before Alexis made her confession. I turned to my husband and said, "brace yourself-- this is going to be one of the lamest confessions ever." We all know Alexis is a genuinely good kid, and I wouldn't have it any other way. While she does need more story arcs, I wouldn't want them to come at the price of her admirable maturity and adorable relationship with her dad (who has a right to be a parent, for what it's worth).


Even better than Beckett wanting to see the same movie? Castle pretending he's never heard of it. Awesome.

Sue ann

Yes, I thought it was up to their standards, and it was nice to see that Ryan and Esposito had already anticipated and performed every action Beckett told them to take. She has smart, well-trained guys working for her. I just would like to see them allowed to question suspects a bit more often. I think they could do it. It was nice to see the Captain take an active role in this investigation; it was a given that he was wearing a wire. He is so upright that he could be used to measure angles on a building project. He would never succumb to bribery. Everyone, including Lanie, contributed to the solution of these two killings. It was interesting to see the question raised, but to not be beaten over the head with it, about whether or not it was immoral to frame the black defendant for the first murder. One wonders what the DA planned to suggest as a solution to the second murder, had anyone not choked on the frame for the first one? Frame the black cousin of the first defendant? They did not go any further with that. They just left me to think about it. I also wonder about the situational morality of previous cases prosecuted by that DA, were he a real human rather than a character on a television show. How long has his morality been situational? How long has he had no respect for the rights of the individual? This was an interesting episode. I don't necessarily want to see romance, romance, romance. I like to be given a mystery, with no obvious solution, or with only a WRONG obvious solution, and left to think about it. Castle is better than most at contriving mysteries I cannot figure out before seeing the solution; it is one of the things to love about it. Castle seldom gets away with his clever manipulations of others; it was nice to see him wangle a date with Beckett, and not get caught. At least, not yet. If Martha hears of it, she WILL tell on him. She always does.

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