Criminal Minds Clip: Prentiss' "Death" and its Aftermath

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"Psychoanalyst Walter Langer wrote: People will believe a big lie sooner than a little one. And if you repeat it frequently enough, people will sooner than later believe it." - J.J.

With these words, the final scene of last night's powerful and controversial episode of Criminal Minds drew to a close (follow the link for TV Fanatic's review of "Lauren"). 

Whatever you think of Prentiss' open-ended, untimely exit and CBS' casting decisions, the directorial efforts of Matthew Gray Gubler (Reid) cannot be praised enough.

The score (by cellist Jen Kuhn) also makes this scene worth a second look:

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@ Panda, what I thought I read by 'lip-reading' was:
Jj: "It had to be done..." Hotchner: "I know..."


@ Panda, I read (reading their lips): Jj: "It had to be done..." Hotchner: "I know...."


It's not enough to bring JJ back. Emily is just as vital to the success of the team as Jennifer and Penelope, and Spencer, and Derek, and Aaron. Even Mantegna is a good fit as the wizened, more experienced voice of the team. BUT so was Gideon. No unknown from Maine can ever hope to fill the void. It's not like she's Judd Nelson quality.


Prentiss was kind of an annoying character, and I didn't see much of her. I'm glad she's off. Just don't take off Morgan or Garcia. I will piss myself.


Dan: what i meant is what was lauren saying in her speech before she said "thank you"


Please bring J.J. and Emily back they all make an awesome team. They are all like family and it's that what makes the show so successful. You know the saying if it's not broken don't fix it. Do not ever ever write Derek off all the women will stop watching it.


Bring Prentiss and JJ back or I am not watching another episode.


Kill Ian and bring back Prentiss.


@Emma That reminded me what has happened in Law & Order: SVU in 2004 when ADA Alex Cabot was killed off (someone has shooted her in the street and a bit later, we have found out, in same time than Olivia & Elliot that in fact, she was alive but under the FBI's protection... She came back once like guest star, the season after then for several times in S10, 11 and 12! :-) So, we can still hope Paget/Emily's return, especially if her pilot on NBC doesn't work...! :-)


JJ: " She's going to be fine. "
Hotch: " Thank you. " Is that what you saw from the silent conversation?

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