Criminal Minds Preview: J.J.'s Return, Prentiss' Farewell

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Criminal Minds returns in two weeks with the biggest case of the season.

The March 16 episode, "Lauren," marks the last appearance of Paget Brewster's Emily Prentiss. It is equally noteworthy for the return of A.J. Cook as Jennifer Jareau.

This convergence of events is likely to elicit bittersweet feelings from fans, who have reacted passionately to the surprising fate of both characters throughout the year.

Does Emily have the slightest chance of getting out of this alive?

For a summation and analysis of where we stand heading into this episode, read our Criminal Minds review from last night. Then watch the promo for "Lauren" ...

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Thank You CBS now get rid of Ziva


CBS is tripping real talk I mean what r they doing first firing charlie sheen on two and a half men. Who the hell is going to watch that show now, surely not I and im sure their goin to lose even more. As far as criminal minds CBS IS JUST BEING DUMB...DUMB AS HELL Ive been watchn dis show since beginning and I hate when they get rid of original characters. How they gon replace JJ with a blonde wannabe she sucks and CBS sucks for puttn her no actn ass on TV. Paget Brewster really? u gon get rid of emily really? I stopped watchn criminal minds on ion and CBS when they got rid of JJ and da only reason I tuned in recently is becuz my girl emily prentiss is n trouble but I promise dis if U CBS get rid of JJ and Emily I will never watch the show again I mean what will be da point? Shemar Moore is hot and reed is cool and rossy,hotchner and penelope r great but if u take JJ and emily its like takin will from grace thelma from louise and lucy from ethel it just doesnt work. CBS is offically the dumbest network EVER


Ahhhhh come on dont remove prentiss jheezzze lets stop and think bout it they NEED her on the show dayyyyymmm


Are you crazy? After all the Charlie Sheen antics I can't believe CBS is going to write Prentiss out of the show and you should not have replaced JJ with another blonde "JJ wannabe". When you wrote Stella out of CSI New York I stopped watching and I'll do it again with CM. I'm really hoping it's just a hype to generate huge ratings and I'll have a happy birthday.


I agree. Prentiss is my favorite character. She brings the team together the way none of the other do. I mean the rest of the team is wonderful, but it isn't and never will be the same without JJ and Prentiss staying. If JJ only coming on for this one show ,and Prentiss isn't on the team any more then there is no reason to watch CM. CBS should STOP while they are ahead. They are fixing to lose a lot of viewers. KEEP both of them on. Make it worth peoples while to watch,I say.


You the fans are the same people who kill CSI and law and Order


Anyone else notice that they are dressing and doing rachels hair like J.J's? Ive watched CM from the beginging and now after Prentiss is gone, I'll stop...You suck CBS...


whose making these decisions...whoever is then YOU SUCK!


hahaha, off with them!!!!!


I never watched CM until this year. I loved JJ, and Prentiss is awesome. Not sure why they are letting go of the audience's favorite characters. Sure, Hotch, Spencer, and Morgan are great, but JJ and Prentiss add the spice!

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