Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Review: "One Shot Kill"

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This week’s episode, "One Shot Kill," featured former military sniper Mick Rawson and the team against a sniper who wants to prove he is better he is than Mick.

Okay, this was clearly a “Mick” episode. We learned more about Mick and his place on the team this week than all the previous weeks combined, including the pilot.

Actually, we didn’t really learn that much; we learned he was an ex-sniper, he is a bit lose with his dating life, and that he hates sparing Cooper when he is hung over.

Red Cell Team

We really could have used a bit more. They could have slipped in why he was in the service, or why he left. Why was he in the US armed services given his accent?

There was more they could have offered. This does give me hope that we will get a “Gina” episode or a “Beth” episode in the coming weeks. I have not forgotten that Beth (Janeane Garofalo) basically appeared out of thin air with us having no idea why she joined the team. 

I am really happy that a lot of the team member’s names were used this week (Mick more than any other), and I was easily able to remember them all by the end of the first part of the show.

Well done CBS, good to see you're learning from your previous mistakes.

However, that being said, was anyone else really tired of seeing a sniper rifle assembled? Between Jason the sniper doing it at least four times and Mick doing it once at the end I felt like *I* could put together a sniper rifle in under 60 seconds by the time the episode ended.

Clearly the writers of this episode are not familiar with the “rule of thee” trope. 

The overall story was decent, no big surprises really, the team have gotten into a nice rhythm of profiling the behavior of the suspect; thus, living up to the title of the show (as it should be). The producers have gotten into a decent habit of showing a bit of their life when not on a case. I would love for there to be more of this and maybe we will get a “down time” episode sometime soon.

What did you think of this installment? Does it feel like the show is coming together?

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I love Janeane Garafalo in this show. I find her to be very convincing. I love the original CM and I do hope that this offshoot does well.


Extremely pathetic,
It seems EASY to copy/paste the original show, edit it's title and turn some good actors into pieces of crap...
Rating out of 10: Erm, can i use negative numbers ? Result: FAiL.. Will never watch it again.
Original CS FTW /love Hotch /fuck Cooper


i actually really like this show, i actually like it better then the original i love CM but i absoultly am in love over aobsested with CMSB there have only be 9 episodes and i am already inlove with the team. i like to stay out and well away from the actors personl life i hate know there personal details because they are personal. it has nothing to do with there caracters an actors personal life or choices shouldnt inpact there caracters. i love the team dinamic and even though i do believe that they could create alittle more tension like do what they did with reid and maybe have one of the team members go through somthing tramatice like maybe mick's sister gets kidnapped or somthing like that. i love mick though and i believe there is alot of chemestry in this show but before you start dissing this show please rember that CMSB is supposed to be different then CM and dont diss it because it is different because no doubt if it was exacly like CM u would all still hate it. this shpow is made by the same poeple that made CM, its a spin off that is still trying to find its place and its new i mean it still has reached a double digte episode yet so just cut it some slack and give it a chance because i dont wont another one of my fav shows to be cancled before it even gets started because no one wouled give it a chance. plz i bet if you watch more then one episode you well get as adected to it as i am. I LOVE CMSB!!!!!!!!!!


I don't see what everyone's complaining to much about the show just started. So just give it a chance I don't see why so many people can make such snap judgement. The show's just starting out and it and yes I agree it has room to grow but nobody expects a month old baby to start walking. It's just the same you can't expect that your just going to get what you want right away you have to wait awhile. Just like if your baby doesn't mean you throw it out the window and say "Oh well it's not good enough." Sometimes I wonder what's wrong with people these days, they are just downright whiners.


Suspect Behavior is a pathetic spin-off. I was really hoping it would be as good as the original Criminal Minds. The story lines stink, the writing is on high-school level and the casting sucks. Janeane Garofolo could not act her way out of a plastic bag not to mention her real life political leanings don't exactly go with her TV character. Beau Garet isn't too bad but needs a few miles. Will never watch this show again.


I completely agree with Belinda; true fans would NOT boycott a show for one of it's actors personal beliefs, but support it because it is from the same creators of its original. How can a 'fan' totally support one show but make exceptions with its sister show? Janeane Garofalo is opinionated but that doesn't mean she shouldn't work (act). I think she is good in this show. If anything, much more interesting than the other female lead in the show. Would I stop watching a show because she is in it? NO way! It's juvenile. In that case, I couldn't watch so many shows and movies because many in Hollywood are very much liberal.


I so love Criminal Minds, and so hate CM:Suspect Behavior. NO chemistry, no character development, no sparks of humor to contrast with the tragedies, nothing believable about the settings (Red Cell balony). Some of the characters I actually dislike. Only good moments are Penelope. Miscast, poor writing, poor concept.


This show is very disappointing. The stories are too unbelievable with shallow plots that are too easily solved. Speaking of solving the issues each week; can anyone follow the character's thought processes when coming to conclusions? There seems to be no continuity of clues; the answers just seem to come out of nowhere...There needs to be more connections in the process by which they solve the crimes.
I find this show boring, dumb, the characters uninteresting with no really juicy bits to cling to while the story proceeds. I hope it gets drastically better or goes away.


Janeane Garafalo is so wrong for his show. She speaks her mind, which she has every right to do but it is in such a classless way. I would not be giving her a show where she could make much too much money which will free her up to to trash talk America. Will not watch he show. Also, i don't feel much bonding going on with the audience or the characters. Waste of time show.


I love the original CM but I've got to agree with soffe that there is no chemistry with this new cast. And, sorry but I can't get past the fact that Janeane Garafalo is a comedienne and seems very odd in this role (she looks uncomfortable)! Get her off and maybe this show has a chance and I also think they need to work on the character development also!

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Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Mick: I tend to excel at certain things.
Gina: We will have to ask Lisa about that
Mick: I am pretty sure it's Elise
Beth: I am pretty sure it's irrelevant

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This sniper versus sniper is not working, he is winning.