Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Review: "One Shot Kill"

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This week’s episode, "One Shot Kill," featured former military sniper Mick Rawson and the team against a sniper who wants to prove he is better he is than Mick.

Okay, this was clearly a “Mick” episode. We learned more about Mick and his place on the team this week than all the previous weeks combined, including the pilot.

Actually, we didn’t really learn that much; we learned he was an ex-sniper, he is a bit lose with his dating life, and that he hates sparing Cooper when he is hung over.

Red Cell Team

We really could have used a bit more. They could have slipped in why he was in the service, or why he left. Why was he in the US armed services given his accent?

There was more they could have offered. This does give me hope that we will get a “Gina” episode or a “Beth” episode in the coming weeks. I have not forgotten that Beth (Janeane Garofalo) basically appeared out of thin air with us having no idea why she joined the team. 

I am really happy that a lot of the team member’s names were used this week (Mick more than any other), and I was easily able to remember them all by the end of the first part of the show.

Well done CBS, good to see you're learning from your previous mistakes.

However, that being said, was anyone else really tired of seeing a sniper rifle assembled? Between Jason the sniper doing it at least four times and Mick doing it once at the end I felt like *I* could put together a sniper rifle in under 60 seconds by the time the episode ended.

Clearly the writers of this episode are not familiar with the “rule of thee” trope. 

The overall story was decent, no big surprises really, the team have gotten into a nice rhythm of profiling the behavior of the suspect; thus, living up to the title of the show (as it should be). The producers have gotten into a decent habit of showing a bit of their life when not on a case. I would love for there to be more of this and maybe we will get a “down time” episode sometime soon.

What did you think of this installment? Does it feel like the show is coming together?

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I love Criminal Minds. The subject matter is grusome but the cast is so dynamic, together, diverse, interesting and have such chemistry that it is very entertaining & well done. This new show is the opposite. There is no chemistry between the memebers of this cast, they are not a unit. Forrest Whittaker is totally miscast, a good actor in the wrong role. He is so intense and speaks so fast one can hardly understand what he is saying and it is almost comical. I do not understand what the producers are after with this show......a total opposite of CM except for the storylines and plots. Way off beam with this one.


I am not impressed. It's not grabbing my interest in the least bit. Apparently, the producers cut out JJ and are about to cut out Prentis because of this show. That's a big mistake! They are not going to gain an audience for this show and lose the audience for the original Criminal Minds by taking out JJ and Prentis.

Frank lee meidere

@NoLikey, I missed your comment. "CM SB seems like a hobbyist's project." That's a perfect summation. Like you, we watched the first episode (forcing ourselves not to turn it off half way through) and swore off. Ended up watching it again last night for the "One Shot Kill" episode because of my father-in-law. Okay, everybody together now: what are the three characteristics of a sniper?


I enjoyed the stick-fighting sequences at the beginning and end of the episode. Made me think of Stargate: Atlantis... Also, best quote of the night: "You were in a seminary?!"
That leads to this question: Why did Cooper *leave* the seminary? And my last, totally irrelevant thought - there are several crime dramas that feature(d) highly-skilled elite snipers: Seeley Booth from "Bones;" John Casey from "Chuck;" Ian Edgerton from "Numb3rs;" and Leroy Jethro Gibbs from "NCIS" among them. Put them in a shooting competition, and who wins? My money's on Gibbs!
Who else qualifies for the pro-sniper contest?

Frank lee meidere

Love Criminal Minds, hate Suspect Behavior, and last night's show certainly did nothing to change my feelings. I get the feeling that the the writers are far younger -- or at least far more immature. The characters are written as so undisciplined, that it puts me more in mind of comic books than police procedurals. A professional sniper who gets so cheesed off that he didn't get the chance to off a young man that his team leader has to challenge him to a fight so he can work off his frustration? Nor is the psychology particularly impressive. How many times did they repeat the same three characteristics of a sniper (patient, intelligent, ego-driven)? I counted at least five, but I'm pretty sure there were more. The writing is sub-par. There isn't a really good line in the entire episode, and the dialogue is used mainly to drive plot. As for the characters, I can't suspend disbelief enough to accept them as being "professional." The seem, instead, to be a crew of teen-agers pretending to be FBI agents. And for God's sake, we've got so much frickin' "back story" going on that there's little room for the actual story supposedly being told. This whole "mysterious" background crap is getting really old. It's a waste of what could be a good cast.


I scoff at the people claiming to be "true" Criminal Minds fan but then not watch because of one actress's politics. Whatever, that's just a load of BS, those people are not "true" fans, they just pretend to be fans. I don't see how the politics of an actor or actress has anything to do with the character they portray, and in my view Janeane Garofalo is just fine in this cast, I see no reason why her politics should be in any consideration into her acting. People need to get over that. Also, Mick was not in the US armed services, as indicated in the backdoor pilot on the original show, Mick was British Special Forces sniper who was hand-picked by Cooper to join his team. As Mick said "he called, I came, passport didn't matter." I love this show and I love this group. They are much different than Hotch's team. This group is more wild, more dark, more unrestrained than Hotch's reserved, disciplined, and poised team. Cooper's team's got a rawness to them that I find interesting. And as with all shows, I love picking out the little moments between characters, and this episode gave me plenty of that between Mick and Cooper, it's so clear that these two are close and have a bond and I'm glad to see that. Seeing Cooper's arm around Mick's shoulders in the end there pulling him close for a half-hug was so adorable and sweet. You can tell these two care about each other a lot. It's moments like that which gives this show a great feeling, and it makes this team feel like family. This show isn't perfect, there are still plenty to improve upon, but what matters here is that it is improving, each episode is vastly much better than the other and the structure and outlines of the team and the show is becoming more clear with each passing episode. I have faith in this show, and I will continue to support it!


I don't like this show. The acting is sub-par, the filming looks cheap, the cast not well suited for their roles. FW looks silly in those clothes... It's not at all up to the quality of original CM. They should have saved the money by not creating this new joke of a show, and kept AJ + Prentiss on the original. They could have even expanded the team. So many more interesting plots could have been formed. CM SB seems like a hobbyist's project. Watched Episode 1, can't bring myself to waste my time on more.


I don't at all like the sentiment of, "I won't watch this show because so and so is in it...". Makes very little sense to connect the personal lives and beliefs of actors with their jobs. Having said that I do agree with the sentiment that this group has mystique and quite frankly are grittier than the original cast. I like it. I am an original Criminal Minds fan and could absolutely cheer for and congratulate this new group as well. So far, I'm tunning in.


I also stopped watching as soon as I saw Janeane Garafalo. I was so looking forward to another Criminal Mind show, but I can't get past her. I know she is an actor, but the things she has said (politically) just infuriates me. There are so many other ways to express disagreement, personal views, etc...... and still have some class, she hasn't found that way just yet, just another Hollywood Big Mouth.
It's best to keep your mouth shut and have others think you're a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt.


I only watched for two minutes. Unfortunately, I just can't get past Forest Whitaker's demeanor. The beginning did not draw me in at all.

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Mick: I tend to excel at certain things.
Gina: We will have to ask Lisa about that
Mick: I am pretty sure it's Elise
Beth: I am pretty sure it's irrelevant

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This sniper versus sniper is not working, he is winning.