Cristina and Owen: At a Crossroads on Grey's Anatomy

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Tonight's musical event on Grey’s Anatomy is, as Kevin McKidd puts it, the culmination of the season. But there are still a few episodes to go after that. Big ones, too.

“Everything’s in a state of flux…but I think they’re getting down to the nub of what’s going on between Cristina and Owen,” McKidd tells EW of the next few weeks.

“They’ve been pretty content, but they kind of rushed into something without due diligence [regarding] core fundamental things about how they want life to pan out."

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"So there are some tough times ahead of them. I think people need to strap in a little bit because it’s going to get pretty bumpy for a while between these two.”

While he stops short of saying exactly how the pair will be challenged, he hints that the duo's longstanding communication issues will play a part in their upcoming troubles.

“I think he gets frustrated because one thing Owen’s pretty good at is that he’s pretty good at expressing how he’s feeling. Sometimes, if she’s in that frame of mind, she’s not that great at reaching out and saying, ‘I need this,’ or ‘I feel this.’"

"I think that is one of his biggest frustrations.”

“I imagine it’s going to raise some pretty interesting debate. Who’s right and who’s wrong. Or is anybody right? It’s definitely going to be an ‘Oh, my God’ type thing. It’s definitely going to be pretty life-changing for them - the final moments of the finale.”

Whether the polarizing debate results in a breakup or a continuation of the happily ever after they signed up for is unclear, but we can't wait to see it play out.

For his part, McKidd says he thinks the pair is meant to be.

“I think Owen and Cristina, from the moment he came out of that ambulance and they met, they were against the odds. When you look at the two on paper, you think, these two shouldn’t be a good fit, and yet they are. When they’re together sparks fly,” he says.

“I don’t think their wedding was their happy ending, but I think eventually - through a lot of make-or-break moments - they’ll end up old and gray together.”

What do you think? Will they? How will the rest of the season unfold for this Grey's Anatomy couple? Share your comments with us below and let us know.

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Glee's Anatomy - hate it!!!!!!




Am I only one love to rewatch n-times about CrOwen heartbeaking monent,such as you see me, take care now,we do matter......
sort of I really expect to see their make-or-break moments


Okay. Shonda would'nt give us another baby storyline. Please. She will if she wants to die. However, If Mer gets prego the same time as Cristina then it will be fine. They can complain and giggle together!! AW!! :)


This what I think is going to happen with Cris and Owen. Cris will be pregnant in the season finale but she won't want the baby, and Owen is going to want it. Then S8 premiere Cristina has an accident, since she is one of the characters who hasn't had a accident yet and she loses the baby. Before anyone says anything Cristina's ectopic pregnancy is not the kind of accident or the kind that has happened to half of the cast. Well except for the accident in the S5 premiere, which was major thing.


I like Owen and Cristina. I think their relationship happened way to fast for me but it's been an interesting ride. Whatever happens I don't want Cristina to want a baby because that's not true to her character. If anything, let her get pregnant by accident and let them discuss whether or not to maintain the pregnancy. Yes, it's a rehash of the Burke story to some degree but it's true to who Cristina is. She could care less about a baby. As long as she has Owen and a kick ass career she's happy.

Gaby ee

I completely agree with @Aries93. Cristina and Owen will have their issues, that's for sure, but I just don't see them splitting or anything like that, at least not permanently.


I want Christina and Jackson xD


I hope Kmk is wrong about the 7.18 being the culmination of the season. The season ending SLs should be starting now. I don't think all is going to be smooth for Crowen cos they rushed into marriage, they didn't talk through their future wishes enough


i like owen... out of all or the men in christina's life... he has been able to kind of put her in place..

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