Ellen on Ellen: Pompeo Previews Grey's Musical

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Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo makes an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, and when she does, she'll reveal details about the Grey's musical event.

The show returns March 24 (see photo gallery) with new episodes. A week later, March 31, the long-awaited musical episode airs. Love or hate the idea, it's happening.

"When Shonda [Rhimes] presented the idea, of course I did my eye roll and the 'Oh, brother" that comes along with it," says Pompeo, who wasn't the only one.

"Then we read it and I have to say, I think people are going to love it.

Ellen on Ellen

Pompeo says the way it unfolds "isn't typical ... there is some singing and dancing but basically we're taking songs that the show has made famous like The Fray and Chasing Cars and those kind of songs and we're singing them. So it's the music you're used to hearing."

There's also this exchange:

DeGeneres: Do you sing?
Pompeo: I mean, they made me.
DeGeneres: That's the disclaimer right there?
Pompeo: Yeah, they made me. I didn't have a choice.
DeGeneres: It just seems odd because at the hospital, there are very serious things going on and while someone is lying there with a broken arm or bleeding and you all are singing and dancing, it seems rude.
Pompeo: It does and that was my whole thing too. Somebody is in a coma and it is their dream.
DeGeneres: Oh, I see.
Pompeo: The focal point of the episode is Sara Ramirez who play Callie. She won a Tony for "Spamalot" so she can really sing so she does the bulk of the singing.
DeGeneres: It's good that the person in the coma wanted that person to sing.

Should be a fun interview. Are you excited for the musical?

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I'd say if peeps want to whine- let them... we should be free to express our opinions any way we want to. I'm very happy 'coz maybe just maybe Callie & Arizona will get married at the end of this Season & nothing is going to take that away from me, yay! As for the show, yes it's an ensemble cast & it's never been & never will be just about MerDer... just accept it, some of you, lol... & even if you don't accept it peeps it's not going to change & start showing just MerDer all the time, cheez... So there's no point in arguing about it. Long live Torres Anatomy! Calzona fan forever. P.S. Ellen DeGeneres is just hilarious, what a light character, every time I watch her show she just kills me! :-D


The people whining about whining, you are whining too.


Well tomorrow is the 10th here so that gives us 14 days til the next new episode. I hate waiting. Then it's another week to wait for the musical episode, can't wait to hear all the songs that Grey's has made famous.


Where is the popcorn.gif when you need it? Every single one of you fighting over fictional characters are ridculous. Its a show, people, not real life.


@jo_1 i see you are being singled out here and are being written off for whining or expressing your concerns or whatever But i want to say iI hear you and I COMPLETELY agree with you but i wld say dont bother not anymore there is no freaking point coz our beloved PdEP too have stopped bothering, i guess we should just feel lucky that the actors we love and respect so much feel EXACTLY the same way about all this like we do.i really thought it wasn't possible to love EP PD more but after their latest interviews I feel blessed to have come across them. My love and respect for them have amplified by their subtle honesty about the show and YET their respect and gratitudeto Shonda and the show. They never forget the greatness GA has done to them inspite of all the crap So ya stop worrying coz seriously theres no point And for all those who keep shoving "oh its an ensemble' in MD fans' faces they really NEED to go see the previous seasons when the show was written like an ensemble. being ensemble means parallel story lines equally important and equally compelling that happening now? No The only SL that seems to be in focus is CAM and in that too the only character that seems to have any freaking say is Callie Thats not running an ensemble show


Rolfng at whoever said actors are enjoying the SLs Guess by "actors" you mean SaRa coz she seems to be the only one in the world apart form Shonda to consider the CAM SL as damn "rich" As for EP PD they are on the same freaking page as EVERY MD lover Both saw grate potential for the MD SL this season but the way its being written and executed has COMPLETELY marred its impact. Heck here we are talking about a couple who lost their child and now are struggling to get pregnant, something which many many people go through. Have we seen the emotional trauma it brings along with it? And to add to this is not just a couple with fertility issues, its a couple with very wide open possibilities of being hit by Alzheimer its such an emotionally devastating story line and if done well it could have really really moved and touched people all over. PD EP could have pulled it off so damned beautifully but instead they choose to focus on crap like coffee and amnio? Its just INSANITY Both PD EP have subtly stated their discontent and after trying every possible thing and seeing it reaching deaf ears they hav given up. they are just going with the flow now, the sad part is that they care they frekaing care about their characters they still want so much to happen to MD they still crave to tell a good story but now they have somewhere lost faith in the show in the writers. So I guess its a good time for us too to give up and just go with the flow. There is no return for GA from the big hole it has dug up for itself


If I were YOU I'd look into medical trials for mental illness in the city where you live. A local University or research institue might offer these and you may find one where they pay you. YOU need help.


Who cares the shows is still on so just enjoy it


@ DG, I agree. The writers have been off this season. I agree that they didn't handle the miscarriage, Cristina's PTSD, her marriage to Owen and a few other story lines very well. It will be interesting to see what they do for the musical episode -- I'm curious. I'm keeping an open mind until I see it. Can't say it sucks if I'm not behind the scenes watching it unfold. I do hope the story lines get stronger though. I want to see Derek worry that Meredith is risking her health for a baby. I want to see Owen and Cristina talk more about all the things they didn't talk about when they got married. I want to see where they are going with the Callie/Mark baby. Let's not see another miscarriage/adoption. Since it's here, let's see it happen and let's see Callie balance her relationships appropriately. Let's just see some cohesive storylines!!! LOL


My problem is the writing. I feel that it just hasn't been up to speed this season. I couldn't careless about the size of the cast. With an ensemble, some are going to be front and centre while others are relegated to the side for awhile. But the writing has to be good to keep audiences interested. The writers have lost it a bit this season. For example, the way Cristina's PTSD was dragged out for half the season yet we had Mer's miscarriage dealt in one. You can't just concentrate on one and glaze over the other when one is just as traumatizing as the other. They could've dealt with both instead of just having Derek worry about Cristina 24/7. And I'm not even going to go there with the Jerry Springer writers Shonda has hired to write the Calmazona garbage. The baby sl and the threesome wouldn't be so tough to swallow if it was written with some sense and not dedicate an entire episode on coffee tantrums and vagina votes. Mark hasn't done anything to try and get Lexie back since they broke up, except ordering Jackson to stalk her. All he's been doing is giving Callie foot rubs and hang around Calzona. Alex has been going around in circles with Lucy. Don't know what's going on with Bailey and Eli apart from the fact that they're now using the on-call rooms the way it's meant to be used in Grey's land. The writing this year has just been all over the place and has produced more questions and resolved hardly anything.

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