Fairly Legal Review: "Coming Home"

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When it comes to her clients Kate Reed is fearless. When it comes to her personal life, not so much.

Kate was all smiles and flirty banter when she met Justin for dinner, right up until he mentioned their divorce. They filed for divorce six months ago and Justin wanted to hammer out the details. I never realized how much denial Kate was in until her face fell and she bolted for the door.

Turns out, Justin’s tired of the great sex and fun conversation. Actually, he’d just gotten to the point where he couldn't pretend this was all he wanted. Despite the love, their marriage was broken and he was unwilling to stick his head in the sand and pretend their issues didn’t exist. I could see his point. 

Kate Reed in Court

When Kate used information Justin had given her to blackmail an opposing attorney, Justin was furious, but Kate made light of it. She tried to justify it and when that didn’t work she tried to seduce him. As much as Kate cared about her client, she made Justin feel as though his concerns were unimportant. It’s a definite character flaw that should be explored further.

Kate was comfortable keeping their relationship in this odd friends with benefits stage. Justin wanted to fix what’s broken or move on. I love their chemistry... but I don’t blame him.

Kate’s mediation case in "Coming Home" pulled at the heartstrings, but Kate’s initial reaction surprised me. She assured Sophia they could sit down with Claudia and work this out. Sophia had stolen Claudia’s identity and ruined her credit. It seemed naive for Kate to be so blase about that. I would have hoped she’d approach Claudia first to gauge her anger before sticking these two women in a room together and announcing that Sophia was also an illegal alien. I found Claudia’s phone call to the authorities anything but surprising.

On other fronts, Lauren was showing everyone why she should be in charge of Reed & Reed. When a client claimed Teddy had promised him better than the settlement Lauren had gotten, she called him on it immediately. She took charge of the staff meeting, addressing everyone’s fears. She won Kate’s case for her in court and she even spoke Mandarin. It was easy to see why Teddy fell for this strong, capable women.

We touched on the David Smith mystery again. So was guilt the only reason Teddy turned over a quarter of his fortune to Smith? I assume there’s more to this story, or at least I hope so. I want to see Richard Dean Anderson back again.

I was left very curious as to how Justin and Kate will progress from here. Will they work on the marriage or begin to move on? Which scenario would you like to see?


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I really like Kate. She's smart, compassionate, sexy, and funny but at times she comes across like a selfish brat. I like Justin a lot too but he has his moments of coming across as rigid and unfeeling. Hopefully we'll get to see these two flawed people work on their issues as the series progresses but if they stay the same and don't learn from their mistakes it will get old fast.


Kate's hot and and at times, she's caring and compassionate, but overall she's a selfish brat who I'm surprised ANYONE has time for let alone a smart, sexy, successful ex husband, and a devoted persoanl assistant.
These selfish-stomp-on-anyone-to-get-their-point-across characters are becoming more prevalent on tv (Hello House and Lie to Me!) and it's a disturbing trend!


As much as I would like them to explore the problems in their marriage and mend the tears, what we have to work with now is far from that. Justin and Kate have a good connection, a deep friendship and a promising future. I believe that if Kate takes the necessary steps she could use her mediator skills to make sure everybody wins. Justin pointed that out precisely and ignoring the broken, doesn't make it fixed and Kate should know better. I believe like any human, she wanted to avoid her already loaded problems and feel satisfied in her romantic life as the only thing personally she can control, but with Justin she always keeps one foot out the door. Downplaying what she did to him, by putting her client first, was one misstep which has occurred before in their relationship. Justin might not be flawless either, but he's willing to fix things. The identity theft case came off shocking when Kate believed the reaction from Claudia was unexpected. Agreed, Kate should have tried at least to sensitize Claudia to the situation first before revealing the person that caused her a load of problems and then be told to bluntly forgive the situation. Claudia took the first chance she got to get even, and that was the expected reaction. I had actually hoped for a reappearance from Claudia, to face Sophia, but a lot of good that would have done. Kate's skills as a mediator suppressed her skills as a lawyer, which probably limited her perspective of how complicated that situation was. So to a point, her reactions could be justified, still 'completely surprised' should not have been the exact response, especially just letting Claudia go without mending things. I truly hope she and Justin work things out. This series manages to merge comedy with reality, therefore relating with each character that comes up more human for their decisions.


I like Kate, but she does have character flaws. As does everyone, of course. In this episode she shouldn't have been so blase about the identity theft. That happened in our family and to a friend of ours and believe me it's not pretty. The writers should have addressed that issue differently. Using the info her soon to be ex gave her frankly was just unethical. Another issue that should have been dealt with. For some reason, Kate seems to be in denial about many issues in her life that need to be resolved. Personally and business wise. However, it does make for an interesting series.

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