Fairly Legal Review: "My Best Friend's Prenup"

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Despite several holes through which you could drive a truck, I still enjoyed the latest Fairly Legal. I just wish the storytelling was as compelling as the characters.

"My Best Friend's Prenup" introduced us to Julie, Kate's best friend since high school, along with Julie's overbearing father, Joseph. It seemed odd that Julie and fiance Eric were so shocked that Joseph wanted Eric to have nothing to do with the business. Because they knew Dad was insisting on the prenup, what were they expecting to be in it?

Fairly Legal Wedding

As Julie's best friend, Kate immediately took her side, but I was thankful when she asked Leo to do a background check on Eric. He hadn't been around long enough to earn Kate's trust and, it turned out, he wasn't entitled to it.

Eric spent months lying to Julie. He told her his mother was dead. I know he felt guilty about putting Mom in a nursing home, but that's not enough. If I were Julie, I think I would have put the wedding on hold for a while. 

But one heartfelt conversation with Kate and the nuptials were back on. Throw in some free Web design and Dad was on board, too? Really?!? Joseph didn't trust Eric to begin with. Then he found out he lied to his daughter about something so important... yet he was now willing to accept him into the family because he'd build a website for the business? 

I found that one hard to swallow.

Then we cut to the wedding, where Kate seemed to have been uninvited. Apparently, the Tae Kwon Do master's ego couldn't bear for her to tell the wedding guests what had happened about the black eye.So Kate and Justin were left to watch the reception from afar while drinking beer out of paper bags. Very odd.

There were two things in this episode I wished I had seen more of:

  1. Kate and Justin. Justin was so hurt when he saw that Kate's ring tone for him was the Tin Man. He reminded her that he does have a heart.  Unfortunately, it's getting crushed these days. The both agreed that they need to talk, but we never actually got to that conversation. I hope we get to see that next week.
  2. David Smith. Kate discovered that Teddy may have used the money Smith embezzled to start Reed & Reed and it rocked the foundation of who she thought her father was. Justin pointed out that perhaps Kate was convicting her father without all of the facts. I certainly expect the season finale to delve deeper into this mystery.

Fairly Legal is a great show, but this week's storyline fell short for me. Still, these characters are so likable that I still enjoyed the hour. Let's hope next Thursday's finale picks it up, though.


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The bartender, I knew it was Richard Dean Anderson. I really loved him in McGyver & he was also AWESOME on Stargate! I really hope he's going to be on the show always! I really enjoyed the show!! I'm a 1st time watching & I will always watch if they keep RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON!!!!!


Totally agree with enoughenoughnow!
Very odd ep the whole "uninvited to wedding but not explained cos the Dad appeared to forgive Kate as the same time as Eric" was just stupid and unrealistic!
Over Kate treating Justin like crap and him taking it...grow a pair mate....am sure there are lots of love ladies in SF willing to date you that won't make you feel like a eunuch!! lol


Cathy - Yes. David Smith, the bartender is played by Richard Dean Anderson who was McGyver back in the 1980s.


is the bartender the same actor that played mdgiver?


This is the third week in a row that the story was tepid. Enough for me to fall asleep. I have been catching up ON DEMAND. I think Kate is in a see-saw personality holding pattern. She's up, she's down and sometimes all over the place with her logic and ideas about relationships. It really bothers me and I want her to mature enough to truly earn that role of mediator she carries so well in the show. Wishy washy I can see all over the other networks, USA usually brings more to the table. I am hanging in though, I see promise and I like some of the other characters enough to return each week. Sorry not a 5 star from me this week...maybe a 2. Good review though! ;)

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Leo: Hey, hey, Bens. Have you guys seen my scary girl figures? The ones that I keep on my desk.
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The Tin Man is the hottest guy on the yellow brick road plus he has an ax and he knows how to use it.