Family Guy Review: "The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair"

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In a great episode of Family Guy, the show went back to its roots by bringing back our favorite evil baby. 

If anyone’s been wondering, like myself, just why Stewie has stopped trying to kill Lois and traveling back in time, it’s because Stewie has a weakness: his feet. This is what we learned on "The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair."

Stewie with a Shotgun

By trying to infuse himself with evil, Stewie accidentally creates an evil clone of himself, the only difference being the reverse colors of his overalls and shirt.  Unfortunately, Evil Stewie doesn’t possess the subtle evilness of our beloved Original Stewie and goes on a murderous rampage, in which he kills Koolaid Man and laps up his “blood.” 

In an epic fight of evil naked babies, Original Stewie and Evil Stewie battle for Brian and the right to be the only evil baby on the show. Because they’ve destroyed each other’s clothing, Brian can’t tell them apart anymore.  When one of the Stewies laugh at his feet, Brian blasts him and go home with Stewie... or so we think.

In an alternate plot, neglected Meg finally gets some love and attention. In taking care of Joe Swanson, she falls in love with him and wants to be the mother of his children. Despite all the gross gore from Evil Stewie’s rampage, I would say the most shocking scene of the episode came when Meg breastfeeds Susie Swanson!  Something about that is so primal and disturbing.

We will actually see a follow-up to the Evil Stewie storyline? Ponder that as you review a few Family Guy quotes from the episode:

Bonnie: I need these voiceover checks to support my gambling addiction. | permalink
Meg: We haven't made love in two weeks!
Joe: We haven't made love ever! | permalink
Meg: Sometimes, it's really hard being me. So I guess I just make "meganaid."
Joe: That sounds disgusting. | permalink
Joe: Hey can you tell me what that Lady Gaga is? Is that a band... or a soda, or a store, or one of those terms like "donkey punch?"
Meg: No.
Joe: Is it a douche? Is Lady Gaga a douche? Well, whatever it is, I don't like it. | permalink


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Seth could have changed Stewie back into an evil baby but with evil stewie clones personality.


You messed up Joe's quote. It should be: Joe: "Is Lady Gaga a douche?"
Meg: "I don't think so..."
Joe: "Well whatever it is I like it!" He was speaking in favor. Not against.


there should be more like the episode the hand that rocks the wheelchair

Reese williams

very refreshing episode!
so much better than most of the season. loved evil Stewie, and crazy Meg. haha


The final scene was not a reference to "The Last Frontier", you are thinking of "The Undiscovered Country". And Spock doesn't try to figure out which is the real Kirk, the Klingon prison guard does. He also tries to kill the the real Kirk but fails. The scene was actually a reference to "Whom Gods Destroy", when Spock is indeed in Brian's position.


Yes ! But @ansoninc, the Stewie close-up and music is from The Enemy Within (TV episode) -
Due to this transporter accident Kirk is split into two beings !!!


Did anyone else notice all of the Star Trek music? Also, the last scene was like the ST movie The Last Frontier when Kirk has a double and Spock has to figure out which one to kill. Minus the feet giggle.

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