Glee Round Table: "Original Song"

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Welcome to the latest edition of Glee Round Table. Following a solid episode that featured numerous original songs and one monumental kiss, there's a lot for our panel to break down.

Below, lead Glee critic Matt Richenthal joins esteemed colleagues Steve Marsi and Eric Hochberger to discuss the episode. As always, reader feedback on these topics is encouraged...


What was your favorite quote/scene from the episode?
Matt: It's an obvious answer, but the Blaine/Kurt kiss. As I wrote in my review, it was well-earned, considering how slowly the writers let this relationship play out. Seriously, there was major passion behind that lip lock.

Steve: Was the ending cheesy? Yes. Was it a bit contrived to suddenly hand out a MVP trophy? Of course. Did I cry more than Rachel when she made her speech Ummmm... no comment.

Eric: World War Sue? Come on. My favorite coach didn't have many lines, but she made the most of those she did utter.

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What was your favorite original song?
Matt: "Big Ass Heart!" I don't care that it wasn't used in Regionals. It was actually a sweet anthem that only exacerbated my affection for Puck and Lauren.

Steve: "Loser Like Me," no doubt. What a perfect note for the show to conclude on heading into a multi-week hiatus. Those L-shaped foam fingers and fun, appropriate lyrics summed up the series better than any speech from Will ever could.

Eric: I don't know why the group didn't choose Mercedes' "Hell to the No." I'm sick of all the attention on Rachel. Amber Riley has an incredible voice and I'd love to see her featured more.

Will Blaine and Kurt last?
Matt: No. I can easily see how this will play out: Blaine will have to move away for some reason, breaking Kurt's heart but also teaching him a valuable lesson: he really can be loved for who he is. Kurt will then return to William McKinley next season.

Steve: Forever and ever? Let's not pick out our wedding outfits just yet. But the show has worked too hard to get them to this place. No way they break up any time soon.

Eric: With a couple's nickname of "Blurt," I think they can overcome all obstacles.

Kathy Griffin's Sarah Palin-like character was...
Matt: ... Strange. Did Ryan Murphy lose a bet to Griffin? What an out-of-place, unnecessary scene.

Steve: ... A cliche. I'm all for solid satire, but jokes about Obama as a terrorist? That's just old, stale material.

Eric: ... Proof of what I've said for years: a law should be passed that prohibits anyone not named Tina Fey from playing a character remotely resembling Palin.


awesome episode.. Kurt and Blaine are so cute together


I'm a little annoyed with this show making political statements. We get it. The writers/creators are liberal. That's fine and dandy. But seriously that Kathy Griffin thing was just out of place, there's thousands of millions of teens out there that now only know "tea party people are crazy weirdos" I'm a liberal myself, and was embarrassed by the childish pokes. There's a time and place for everything, this was not the time and place for it. It really made us liberal minded people look...well not liberal.


Actually, Kathy Griffin's character was a shadow/copy of Christine O'Donnell. She was on a talk show and mentions (years ago) that she used to dabble in witchcraft, and other crazy/hilarious things. Loves Twitter, and thinks Obama is a terrorist.
But I can't see why bother having her in the show.


GLEE is geItting too big for its britches. I've watch since day 1. Started out loving it like so many others. but more and more its blatant liberal agenda, never a missed opportunity to mock religion--specifically Jesus, makes me go: Seriously??. Why does there have to be an agenda? Why can't it be a fun program with wonderful music. I find myself fastforwarding the talking part and going straight to the music. I agree with Matt. the Kathy Gifford part was ridiculous and pointless. It used to be my favorite program--not any more.


Matt's wrong about kurt!!!
Or atleast acoording to my sources he is! It says in various places that Darren Criss will be a series regular for the remainder of season 2 and season 3!!! So, dreamy darren isn't leaving!! Haha...And I'm glad, he's one of the best things that have happened to glee...and, although I wish it was me he was kissing, instead of Kurt...they make a gorgeous couple, that Kurt really finally deserves! BTW: Why hasn't there been any notices about the rumour that Jessy St. James will be returning for the back nine????


I loved the episode last night. the songs were great (yes, even trout lips), and that kiss was amazing. However, I have never heard Kurt and Blaine being nicknamed Blurt. The one I have seen was Klaine.



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