Gossip Girl and 90210 Promo: Goin' Bi-Coastal!

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Gossip Girl and 90210 are off for another couple of weeks, but below is a promo for both of the shows' return. The CW is going coast-to-coast on Monday, April 18!

It's unclear just how many of the clips in this minute-long spot are new (a bunch of them are not), but it looks like there are some new snippets here and there.

Click here for an extended Gossip Girl promo for "The Kids Stay in the Picture," then watch the combined promo with 90210 below and see what you think:

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Was that Louis helping Blair out of the limo with the papz trying to get pictures?


what's the name of the song?


The only things new are the paronomasias and that unbelievable catchy song. Na na na na you make my body go


friends don't date friends' exboyfriends blair said that or is it from 90210 , cause if it was blair she has nothing to hesitate plus its a shine...

Gaby ee

I watch both Gossip Girl and 90210 every Monday, so I kinda like this promo.


Old promo

Viviana b waldorf bass

this promo sucks! what was the point for it?! UGH!


i wish...
the first half is an old chair and the second is a annie and someonether guy, dont remember his name


2 and a half more weeks. :D
I look forward to the return of both of them. :D


At 0:19 is that Dan/Blair ? :)

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