Gossip Girl Caption Contest 147

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Welcome to the 147th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

This week's Caption Contest winner is ... TwinsFindMe. Congrats!

The winning entry appears below. Honorable mentions go out to Gaby EE, Dan'sDaniela and QueenWaldorf. Thanks to all for playing and best of luck next time!

Time For Cake!

Eric: So the other day, I saw Nate reading. It was kind of like seeing a Golden Retriever walk on its hind legs. Just... Odd.
Lily: Like when Serena plots! Just weird, right?!
Everyone: [Laughs]
Serena: ...Hey!

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Careful Blake you might accidently eat a carb..


Oh so they sit there
Lily with her handbag
Eric with his sporadic gayness
And the half of Chair
Dont forget to mention S's shiny hair


ily: The quirkest UESider gets the last piece. Eric : I am gay and an almost drug dealer accomplice Serena: My name is basically a synonym for slut! Chuck(smirking): I 'm Chuck Bass- Beat that? Lily: I suppose its Charles... Rufus: Wait- I am Lily's handbag -That beats Chuck Bass


Serena: why are you laughing? cant i just eat my cake? i can do that, i am not fat!!
Chuck: if you werent fat, the CW would have made you my destination, not blair!


hmmm...let me think about it.


Serena: So.. why did we move into Willy Wonka's chocolate factory again?


Lily: And that's why the CW won't make me go to jail.
Rufus: That's fantastic, dear!
Chuck: We're so happy for you!
Serena: Oooh, cake!


Rufus: Lily, we have to talk you.
Lily: Is cream a carb?
Serena: Um, yeah.
Rufus: Lily, you're wearing maroon. and it's friday.
Lily: So..?
Chuck: So that's againts the rules, and you can't sit with us.
Lily: Whatever, those rules aren't real.
Chuck: They were real that day i wore purple.
Lily: Because purples are disgusting.
Rufus: You can't sit with us!! [Silence] Lily: Fine, you can wash your own plates, bitches. [walks away]


Eric's coming out party, only 3 seasons late!


Serena: Mom, why does this cake say, "Chair Forever?"
Lily: Some fans dropped it off this morning. We didn't want to waste it!
Chuck: *awkwardly sits*

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