Gossip Girl Return Promo: Who is Cousin Charlie?

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The return of Gossip Girl is still more than two weeks away, but a new promo for the April 18 episode has us more intrigued than ever about the rest of the season.

Who is cousin Charlie and how will she become enmeshed in Serena's "world"? Where will S' story take her this spring? And what happens when Dair's secret is out?

We reported earlier today that Blair gets engaged by the end of this season. It looked like she was headed down that road last May, too, until everything blew up.

It may have been just one kiss with Dan, but she says it changed her. So much so that the Queen will reexamine what - and who - she really wants in this world?

Watch this promo for "The Kids Stay in the Picture" and comment below:

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Alakazaam—infmotraion found, problem solved, thanks!


Vanessa ruins EVERYTHING - whether it be CHAIR or DAIR. Also, I hate cousin Charlie. Bitch, please. I see through your fakeness already.


I've never shipped in Gossip Girl before because to be honest the pairings are all a bit... eh. But Dan and Blair's relationship has been built up to so well! It's not just two random characters randomly kissing each other because the producers haven't done that yet... inevitably she'll probably get back with Chuck, but while this lasts I'm soooo happy! Can't wait for the episode, I'm watching the trailers over and over.


BRING IT DAIR! lol i prefer this comment section the other one was getting SCARY between CHAIR/DAIR fans screaming at each other lol @jen agree with EVERYTHING you said!


Clearly, Vanessa is involved again, -when is she going to get the picture! always sticking her nose in where it does not belong....I'm not necessarily a fan of Dan and Blair together - but I'd love to see how this pans out....DRAMA!


I said it before and I will say it again: many here couldn't handle a telenovela, male leads in those things have done worst things that what Chuck did to Blair and still everybody roots for the main couple to be endgame anyways. And it's not just telenovelas, wasn't a General Hospital couple in the 80's were the guy actually raped the girl and still they married and people were rooting for them? For me that's is unforgivable.


jen, i love you. you said everthing i think about chair and dair.


ok I love my chair have since day 1 and am and will always be a chair addict they are endgame. BUT I am so over the chair thing NOW.
I mean after the final break-up in season 3 chuck sleeping with jenny I said the hell with him. Then he shacks up with the FIRST girl he sees in paris then reina yet he STILL thinks he can just go claim blair whenever he wants no matter who she wants or what she wants in her life.
When they briefly reconcilied this season and were having sex that made me so happy I saw a glimpse of the old chair from season 1-2 which was nice.
But I LOVE DAIR they have banter and sexual attraction and are both so alike which makes them so good together!
See like chuck serena played with dan back and forth all last season and blair had to sit by and watch it happen and she knows how it feels because chuck did it to her.
dair DESERVES to be happy.. and TOGETHER.
I LOVE them and I want to see them together as a couple for a long while.
Chuck DOESNT deserve blair. he goes to her for comfort when hes scared when theres noone else when things dont work out with other people. Does he love her? yes but he NEEDS to earn it prove he does love her and he needs to stop chasing after her when he sees shes starting to fall for someone else.
She deserves to be happy after all hes put her through he needs to leave her be stop chasing her.
and serena ooh that bitch needs to leave dan alone she has NO business saying anything when I watched her play with dans head back and forth and every dam week shes with someone new and its getting SO old.


are you kidding? chuck pushed blair away? the last time they were together it was blair who pushed chuck away?! he wanted to be with her?! but she just wanted to be blair waldorf...
maybe he needs to treat her better, but he did within this season...and by the way a blair waldorf isnt made for this brooklyn lifestyle?! so dan also isnt made for UES...


i use to love chair,but now i'm totally in love with dair,how can chuck be so pissed at blair for kissing dan,but he was the one who keeps pushing blair away?i mean,did he think that blair will always be there for him while he was fucking other girls,blair deserves someone better,someone who treats her right,like dan,so plzzz don't break'em!!!!!!!

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