Gossip Girl Return Promo: Who is Cousin Charlie?

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The return of Gossip Girl is still more than two weeks away, but a new promo for the April 18 episode has us more intrigued than ever about the rest of the season.

Who is cousin Charlie and how will she become enmeshed in Serena's "world"? Where will S' story take her this spring? And what happens when Dair's secret is out?

We reported earlier today that Blair gets engaged by the end of this season. It looked like she was headed down that road last May, too, until everything blew up.

It may have been just one kiss with Dan, but she says it changed her. So much so that the Queen will reexamine what - and who - she really wants in this world?

Watch this promo for "The Kids Stay in the Picture" and comment below:

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think B just told C that the kiss changed her because she wanted to make him jealous...so, in one of the last episodes she also told S that she believes that C and her belong together no matter what!


Love Dair


@ pty yah i seen your other posts and they r all true!!!


I know there's been debate about whether it's actually Blair kissing Dan in that promo - in the clip where she's wearing that peach colored dress. Forgive me if this has already been suggested, but it just occurred to me with this extended promo that it might be a scene from one of Blair's infamous dreams. I think that would explain everything - the vintage hair/clothes, the strange lighting, the fact that the writers are gonna have to hurry up and wrap the Dair storyline with Louis coming back soon...


I'm all for Dan and Blair. I'm so excited about this promo, which is annoying because I know it's misleading, they always are. I'm certain I will be disappointed when the episode airs, but I still can't help but to wait for it anxiously. So annoying. >:/


I am soooo excited for the next episode. My opinion on the whole chair dair stuff is,,,,,, I am totally loving Dan and Blair together atm. obviously they won't be endgame because it's Going to be chair but can't everyone just accept what it is for now. let dair drag on for a bit otherwise the storyline would have been pointless. I would never have picked them together but now that they are I can't stop watching. it's something different to watch for a change. the same chair drama was getting boring. dair brings humour and secret romance you won't get with chair. as for Louis and Blair apparently getting engaged. yeah okay they won't obviously marry. he has featured in like 2 episodes so don't stress he's just another speed bump before chair endgame


Please don't break DAIR up.I really want them to have a shot together.


@CHAIRisendagme: Thank you, don't know if you got to read all my posts because one of them was deleted, again!


@ all for chuck u are so rite and i totally agree with u 100% and @ pty u r also rite and i agree with u and feel the same way


@Leni: I did clarified that I couldn't speak for all C&B fans since there are a million reasons to ship a given couple, I'm just guessing some of them feel like I do to the size of the fandom. I guess similar reasons could cause some people to ship Dair, and yes I can only speak for myself but certainly that issue doesn't work for me as a good enough reason to ship them, if I a ever empathized with Dan it hasn't been for that reason but because he's a good and well meant guy. If l wrote what I wrote is because I'm tired of all the character's bashing, people keep bashing Chuck, Dan, Blair, Serena, Nate, etc., and is crazy, I don't see the need to do that.

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